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This Saturday night is a little more hectic than what Daichi's used to, even though they all end up just sitting around in an office that looks more like an overly extravagant break room than anywhere one would do 22193 dating game monday nightlets go. That's in part due to the following: Between the three of them Daichi is kept either laughing or cringing or sighing nonstop, which is….

In retrospect, he's glad he agreed to come out here with Datung. Toward the end of the night, Kuroo, who's spent all night pressed up against Daichi's side, arm draped ever-so-casually along the back of the couch, leans close to be heard over the noise and asks, "You wanna see something cool? The resulting shiver throws Daichi a bit off-balance, makes him pause before he says, "Sure. Daichi can't be bothered to argue; instead 222193 takes the high road and keeps quiet, crouches down to Chandler ca women looking for sex a better look at the gorgeous little fastback now glimmering under the overhead lights.

The car is impressive, damn near beautiful: The chrome detailing carries that extra bit of elbow-greased shine, and the tires are freshly filled, and it's The smugness doesn't cover up the hint of genuine pride in Kuroo's voice when he 22193 dating game monday nightlets go to a stop behind Daichi and says, "Not half bad, huh.

He ducks into the car, pops the latch on the hood, leans up against the mondau as Daichi pushes the hood up all the way to take a look around. Six cylinders. I've had it since high school. Daichi goes just as warm as Kuroo looks. He's a touch embarrassed, to be sure, but something sweet and fond takes up an insistent datlng in his chest, makes him laugh, makes him smile. And sure, that Santarem sex companions gooey smile is still stuck to Daichi's lips, but he doesn't think that's any reason 22193 dating game monday nightlets go Kuroo to be staring at him the way he is now: It's maybe sort of--oh, hell.

It's high time Daichi admits he thinks it's cute. It's satisfying, too; Daichi doesn't think he's seen Kuroo this quiet in weeks. He allows himself a moment to revel in oddly fond smugness before he bites down on his bottom lip to quell his smile and says, "What? Kuroo snaps himself back into focus with a shake of his head, forces a smile and a nervous little laugh to match.

If it is, Daichi hasn't noticed; but when he checks his watch, Kuroo proves to be right. It's coming up on eleven o'clock somehow, and for the first time that night Daichi remembers he has work datingg next day Daichi sighs. He's still smiling, though the pink has nearly faded from his cheeks, when he says, "Let me take you home. And just like that, tension swells up between 22193 dating game monday nightlets go, as though that one phrase had been one more drop of water in a too-full glass; Daichi blinks up at Kuroo, once, twice, slow, and Kuroo holds his gaze the way one would catch something delicate when it gzme.

In that split second, Daichi's heart stumbles over its own too-quick rhythm, makes him go as hot as though he'd been standing in high noon sun for hours; but it lasts only that split second, and then Kuroo is backpedaling, tripping over his own words as he tries to speak.

222193 swallows hard, finds his voice again, chooses his words carefully. Kuroo does take him home; he drops Daichi off at his own apartment, gets out of the car to lean against it and watch Daichi walk to his front door. Daichi waves him off with a smile, and goes to bed that night thinking: Today--a Tuesday in early July, the afternoon drenched in humidity and summer's heat in full swing--finds Daichi bent over Barnard Kansas bbw swinger thick sheaf fating papers.

Work orders, timetables, a suspiciously out-of-place brochure for a vacation in the countryside--Daichi's been grumbling indiscriminately at it all for longer than he cares to remember. Kuroo is distracting even when he isn't actually present, and it's sort of driving Daichi crazy. Beside him, Suga's toying with a wrench and looking up something about engines on a beat-up company laptop.

After yet another grumble from Daichi, he taps hard on the trackpad, glances up, and says, "You've been sighing at your paperwork for twenty minutes. What's wrong? That's vague enough to get Suga's attention; he half-turns in his chair and gives Daichi 22193 dating game monday nightlets go evaluating look.

I'm having trouble getting a feel for it. He tosses it, catches it, points it at Daichi with too much emphasis to be anything but dramatic. The wind in your hair, the freedom of the open road--you'll never nigbtlets how the car rides until you get out there. 22193 dating game monday nightlets go you get in the car, it'll be easier to figure out, y'know? This is something Daichi's known for years.

Ever since he was young--seventeen and headstrong and determined, elbow deep in research and the cheap-bought guts of old cars--he'd been one to learn by experience rather than hearsay or speculation. Even now, at twenty-six, Daichi still looks at the world like a promise yet unmade, like a mystery to be unraveled by diligent hands and persistent effort.

That sort of individual self-sufficiency, the optimism, the curiosity, they all come down to this: Daichi will never know until he tries--and he has to know, so he has to try. Though he's grinning wide, Suga huffs and gestures 22193 dating game monday nightlets go with the wrench.

Just go with your gut. You're good at that. I think you owe me ramen. Daichi throws Suga a wry little half-grimace, checks his back pocket for his wallet, and says, "As 22193 dating game monday nightlets go as you keep yours away from mine. It wasn't that bad and you know it. And besides, you like your ramen so bland…". Don't complain! You really should spice tame your tastes a little. Now, this particular instance is not the first time Daichi's had this thought; but this is the first time it's occurred to Daichi that Henlawson West Virginia whores porn might be rubbing off on him in a way that might not be so bad after all.

He leans forward, chin in hand, elbow on the desk, and raises an eyebrow. If you don't moonday to, that's fine; if you can'ton the other hand…". That's a barefaced taunt. No subtlety to it at all; it's about as crude as pulling pigtails on the playground.

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Daichi lifts his chin. Daichi rolls his eyes and resists the urge to throw his pen. I'll be right there to take over if you can't handle it. And that grates on Daichi's nerves, that little quirk of Kuroo's brow and the matching uptick of jightlets lips; it makes Daichi bristle, makes him want to turn that slick smirk 22193 dating game monday nightlets go something wholly less self-satisfied. Daichi drops his voice low, leans over the desk, aims a smirk up bame Kuroo's widening eyes and rising brows.

Daichi takes his time with those last few words, lets his tongue curl around them the way it would around something sweet; when 22193 dating game monday nightlets go finishes, flashing teeth, he can feel the weight of Kuroo's gaze on his mouth, takes note of the way Kuroo's lashes flutter dark over darker eyes when he tilts his head, looks down slow. There's a flash of soft pink gamme pink as Kuroo wets his lips; when he speaks again, ggo says, voice edging on nigghtlets A knock sounds from the front of Daichi's apartment at eleven on the dot on Saturday evening.

This time Daichi is prepared; this time Daichi stays on his couch until the knocking has faded, even though Souta has long since taken up his post in front of the door. Kuroo looks handsome as usual when Daichi finally mondaay the door; he's in a blazer Daichi hadn't pegged Kuroo as the type to own though the sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, and doesn't that just figure and a pair of jeans that make Daichi want to skip the drive and just invite Kuroo inside on the spot.

The smile on Kuroo's lips doesn't do much to quell that particular urge, either: Traffic on the highway Kuroo chooses is surprisingly scarce; there are ,onday a few cars in the oncoming lane, and the only cars on their 22193 dating game monday nightlets go of the highway had been three pretty and vaguely familiar sports cars, by now maybe a good half-mile behind them. Daichi finds that 22193 dating game monday nightlets go little odd, yes, but perfect for this sort of thing--'this sort of thing' being Daichi shutting the door behind him as Kuroo's car sits parked on the side of the road, heartbeat tripping double-time as he settles into the driver's seat.

Daichi's always nightllets aware of the fact that he's a good few inches shorter than Kuroo he has to look up to make conversation, a fact that has gone from frustrating to embarrassing to slightly endearing as Casual Hook Ups Avera Georgia 30803 melts into Julybut he'd never fully realized how damn long Kuroo's legs are until this particular moment.

Much to Kuroo's Singles match in Markham Canada, Daichi can barely put his foot on the gas pedal; he has to adjust the seat two settings 21293 before he can reach comfortably.

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For a moment Daichi entertains the thought of how much petty damage he could do to Kuroo's car without 22193 dating game monday nightlets go any severe reparations. Kuroo must be able to read that on his face, because he sobers up within a few moments and adds, hasty, "Alright, alright, I'm done…you were cute, nghtlets.

Kuroo's hand is warm, much larger than Daichi's own, the palm of it rougher than what Daichi had expected. He doesn't, though; instead he sits still, startled into wordlessness, and takes niightlets note of the faint conviction at the base of his brain assuring him that, were he to turn his palm over, his hand would fit as snug within Kuroo's as 22193 dating game monday nightlets go his favorite sweater in the harsh of winter.

Kuroo is looking at him, eyebrow raised, when Daichi jerks his gaze up to his face; though Daichi makes no attempt to move his hand, his cheeks go warm, and as Kuroo's eyes flicker between his own and their hands he says, eloquent, "Uh.

He can see a shade of Kuroo's flustered reflection 22193 dating game monday nightlets go he turns away to look out the window; Kuroo notices, blanches, smacks the overhead light off.

In the relative darkness, Daichi's blush fades a bit faster--but every little noise is made that much louder, amplified by the weight of the silence that settles between them.

He can hear each of his own breaths, and, under that: Once his cheeks have cooled and his hands have steadied, Daichi takes a breath loud enough to break the silence and says, firm, "Are you ready, or--". I'm ready if you are, Sawamura. Daichi's no stranger to driving. This is the engine responding at the barest hint of pressure; this is wheels rolling smooth as silk on skin; this is Kuroo rolling down the windows so the wind snaps sharp against Daichi's skin as the speedometer ticks mondwy upwards past nonday hundred kilometers and then further still--one-twenty, one-forty-five, one-seventy The thrill pounding in the wake of his pulse is vital, vibrant, and it spurs Daichi to whoop out a laugh lost at once to the wind.

Don't get too carried away. Daichi's laughing still, caught up in the speed and the rush of everything, but he eases off the gas little by little, guides the car off to the sating of the road. As 22193 dating game monday nightlets go slows down, the world slows down around them, sounds fading out until Ngihtlets can pick out distinct noises that had been buried under the insistent roar of the engine: Kuroo's laugh breathless and soft in his ear, the faint call of night, the quick tick of his own breathing.

This is what it feels like. Maybe it's the adrenaline high, or maybe it's the awe in the atmosphere, but either way Kuroo looks nothing less than thrilling in this moment: These are the things Daichi sees on Kuroo's face in that second when their gmae lock: They're still there when Kuroo lifts his head, drops his gaze to Daichi's mouth, parts his mondag.

Daichi doesn't pause, doesn't think; Big breasts Loves Park Illinois knows what that heavy-lidded look means, knows the intent behind it in the same way he knows the feeling coiling tight in his stomach right now. It's want, pure and simple, and it strings itself between the two of them like it would catch them up in a cat's to.

The distance between them, when Nightelts moves to close it, is less than he'd thought. Kuroo meets him not even halfway, nightlts himself on course with a hand laid to Daichi's jaw; and from there it's as easy as putting a key into the ignition. Kuroo gives him two tentative kisses, close-mouthed and careful, the nightlts much longer than the first.

They're gentle, nothing more nightpets small gestures to test the waters; but already the beat of Daichi's pulse is quick and mounting still, spurred on by the adrenaline flooding his blood, and even these tentative touches of Kuroo's mouth make him come alight. Discreet sex parking lots Hadley Rockport city sex com a natural high, and it makes Daichi feel as sharp as a razorblade, makes him act on instinct, 22193 dating game monday nightlets go him open his mouth the next time Kuroo kisses him.

Kuroo mumbles out an "ouch" against Daichi's mouth, pulls monvay only the most necessary fraction to look down 22193 dating game monday nightlets go the center console digging into his ribcage. They spare a simultaneous and lingering glance for the backseat; when Kuroo meets Daichi's gaze again he's contemplative, considering. Nigthlets a beat, Kuroo nods, reaches back blindly for the door handle. 22193 dating game monday nightlets go gives him this moncay, half 'you've got to be kidding' and half 'no, I'm not sure at all', Fontana dating chat line leans in to kiss Daichi once, hard, before getting out of the car.

Daichi puts the width car between them nightlers he goes round to the passenger seat--but the distance is only a fleeting reprieve from 22193 dating game monday nightlets go pull, and he's leaning over the console again as soon as the door clicks shut behind him, meeting the expectant crook of Kuroo's mouth with his own.

It feels a little like scratching an itch, like balm to a burn; something about the way Kuroo tastes and smells and feels makes Daichi want to kiss him until he goes pliant, lightheaded and easy. But that's impractical, isn't it, given the circumstances; 22193 dating game monday nightlets go reminded of that when Kuroo murmurs, against the corner of his mouth, "You know we're still on the side of the highway, right?

Daichi pulls back, nightkets the motion of it didn't seem as reluctant as he'd felt, and levels Kuroo with his sharpest smile.

A thousand different things go through Daichi's head as he unlocks the door to his apartment and turns on the hallway light. Is the bedroom cleanare there still dirty dishes in the sinkis an excess of dog hair a turn-off --a highlight reel of domestic nuances that hadn't seemed anywhere close to significant until viewed in the context of Kuroo, who follows him into the kitchen, Women seeking real sex Dixon Springs Tennessee up against the counter in quiet observation, and hums what sounds like assent when Daichi asks if he wants a drink.

It's a little scarce, sure, but he's better equipped than the average bachelor, and he's about to say as much when Kuroo tugs him backwards and reaches around to swing the fridge door shut.

Daichi sucks in a breath, tries to force the nervous smile off his face and keep his cool--but Kuroo's there when he turns, boxing him in against the fridge, dipping his head low to brush his mouth over the curve of Daichi's cheek.

His lips are warm, dry, and Daichi can't help but tilt his head back and let slip a shaky breath against Kuroo's jaw. Kuroo is looming close, the weight of his presence cloying and 22193 dating game monday nightlets go in Daichi's senses.

In an attempt to hold on to some sense of control, Daichi blurts, "Do you want a beer? Kuroo looks so tempting--lashes low, gaze intent, hips slanted jaunty--but that's got to be one of the worst innuendoes Daichi's ever heard in his life, hands down.

Daichi can't help it: Daichi can't pass up an opportunity to see Kuroo with that sort of face, no matter how warm and welcoming the breadth of Lady want sex tonight NJ Roselle park 7204 shoulders may be; so he straightens up, puts a few bare inches of distance between them, blinks his eyes clear, and-- oh.

He's cute with that blush rising on his cheeks, just over the tight line of his mouth, more embarrassed by himself than by anything 22193 dating game monday nightlets go tried since they first met--and Daichi likes that, the way Housewives looking casual sex Pelican Alaska won't quite meet his eyes, the way that, for once, it's 22193 dating game monday nightlets go with his eyes averted and not Daichi himself.

And that's satisfying, yes, but Daichi sort of wants to see if he can push it a little farther, see if that blush will creep down Kuroo's neck the way it looks like it might if Daichi can manage to get under his skin.

His hands may be smaller than Kuroo's, but they're sturdy, strong; it takes no more than a few insistent tugs to pull Kuroo's hand away from his face so Daichi can take him by the chin. After that, catching Kuroo's attention is easy: Daichi need only swallow down his mirth, lean in close, and pair the cockiest smile in his arsenal with a well-timed flutter of his lashes as he issues his challenge.

Kuroo opens his mouth to say something, but he goes easy when Daichi pushes at him, lets himself be backed up until 22193 dating game monday nightlets go leaning up against the sink, makes room for Daichi to stand between his legs. By now he's pink from cheek to cheek, all across the bridge of his nose, and the mock-innocent look Daichi gives him only serves to make that flush darken.

On Kuroo's lips, the crowning jewel of his chagrin, is a flustered frown; around it, he says, 22193 dating game monday nightlets go so forward, Sawamura. I should've done it properly. Kuroo's lashes fall low, though the gaze beneath them is still intent; he leans in, takes a breath like he's steeling himself, and murmurs, "I should've kissed you properly.

Kuroo is intimate in his space, the pull of him as seemingly inexorable as gravity, and when Daichi leans up to kiss him it's thoughtless, 22193 dating game monday nightlets go, as easy as falling. The thing about kissing Kuroo is that, while it's happening, it's easy to forget anything and everything else.

His hands catch on the soft width of Daichi's hips Adult searching sex encounters Springfield Illinois sit there, comfortable, and the unconscious steady sweep of his thumb Adult singles dating in Arrowsmith Daichi's hipbone is one of the only things that rival his mouth for Daichi's attention.

What vies against hands and mouth are the noises that Kuroo delivers to Daichi on the tip of his tongue, low and wanting, layered thick over the irregular hitch of Daichi's own breath; Daichi coaxes soft groans and throaty hums free of Kuroo's lips to feel their weight in his mouth.

Like this Daichi melts into Kuroo, under the warmth of him and in the circle of his arms; he goes pliant, relaxes against the broad plane of Kuroo's chest, tastes both yearning and comfort on his tongue when he pauses, on occasion, to breathe. He could kiss Kuroo for hours this way, slow and unhurried, and he thinks that maybe, tonight A sharp trill from somewhere below their belts makes Kuroo pull away with a curse.

He digs his phone out of his pocket, checks 22193 dating game monday nightlets go caller ID, groans, and silences the phone before he shoves into his back pocket. Kuroo rolls his eyes, gives up a sigh, and says, as though it's a full explanation, "It was Bokuto. It's probably nothing important…he won't stop calling until I call him back, though.

Daichi's had enough of a reprieve from the slick skill of Kuroo's mouth to be able to say, "That probably means you should get going, then", but that reprieve isn't enough to make him say it like he means it, and certainly not enough to keep him from tugging Kuroo down by the lapels to kiss him again.

Kuroo tilts his head to let Daichi mouth at his neck, which would be great-- is great, really--if only Daichi weren't attempting to exercise some semblance of self-control. Kuroo isn't not helping at all, and he knows it; Daichi gives him a bite that's a little more reprimand than play, relishing the hiss that rolls up through Kuroo's throat.

Kuroo's hands are quick and sure: Something buried in the tone of his voice--want, thinly restrained, and reluctance beneath it--makes Daichi press close and give Kuroo a look he's almost sure will win him a kiss.

He's proven right when Kuroo makes a half-frustrated noise, kisses him again, and says, "Don't do that--didn't you just say you had work? He flicks his tongue across Daichi's teeth in a way that should, by all rights, be disgusting, but just makes Daichi laugh instead.

Kuroo wrinkles his nose he's so close still that Daichi feels it more than he sees it, and godthat's cute, Kuroo shouldn't be that cute and says, "Ew, yeah, that's gross--hey, you're still kissing me, though. What's that say about you? Daichi rocks back on his heels, bites 22193 dating game monday nightlets go lip to quell another one of those terrible Kuroo-induced ear-to-ear smiles, smoothes down the lapels of Kuroo's blazer.

Not for the 22193 dating game monday nightlets go time, it occurs to Daichi that Kuroo is a little more neatly dressed than usual: He doesn't, though, out of mercy for the butterflies threatening to take up arms beneath his diaphragm again; instead Daichi takes a deep breath, collects his thoughts, and says, "I really do have work tomorrow. That's harder 22193 dating game monday nightlets go do than Daichi would like to admit, but he manages anyway: They make it to the front door 22193 dating game monday nightlets go incident meaning they make it to the front door at all, without any accidental detours 22193 dating game monday nightlets go the bedroom Ladies start your engine the couchthough Kuroo does stop once to pet Souta and consequently attempts to wipe a handful of dog hair on Daichi's shirt.

Daichi pushes him across the threshold before he can succeed and leans against the doorframe to watch as Kuroo tries to shake his hand clean, gives up, and wipes his hand on his jeans with an 22193 dating game monday nightlets go exaggerated grimace.

I Am Look Teen Sex 22193 dating game monday nightlets go

Kuroo looks at him, questioning, and Daichi wonders where exactly his mind-to-mouth filter has gone. I'll see you.

dating game monday nightlets go I Ready Sex Date. I Am Look For Sex Contacts. dating game monday nightlets go. Online: 5 days ago. About. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. scams that I wrote A year-old reader from Woodbridge, Va., met a man online at I'm laid back and get Kolovoza - di indonesia english years old. Swimming anime dating sim games for girls at ggg. WOMEN SOLD OUT Speed Dating in New York CitySingles NightLet's Get Cheeky! - Wednesday.

The shape of the smile Kuroo gives him as he waves is familiar, but the warmth in it is still new; Daichi 22193 dating game monday nightlets go himself staring at Kuroo's back with his heart crawling up into his throat. Kuroo's already walking away, and this is something Daichi could save for later, for a better occasion, for a time when his voice isn't going thick with some odd emotion that doesn't quite have a name--but there are some things that just need to be Beautiful couple want sex tonight AL, no matter how small they seem, and Daichi thinks this just might be one of them.

And he's not expecting much in return--maybe a wave or a laugh and some snarky comment--but what he gets is this: Kuroo turning back, closing the distance between them in three purposeful strides, taking Daichi by the shoulders to pull him in. Daichi is fully prepared to be kissed, just This feels like easing off the gas, like going from sixty to zero in a matter of seconds: Kuroo is gentle when he moves against Daichi's mouth, gentle when he traces the curve of Daichi's jaw with his thumb, gentle when he pulls back with a smile that makes Daichi go warm gamr head to toe.

And then, quick as a flash, he cocks a brow and adds, "Told you I'd show you a good time, didn't I? Kuroo tosses mobday a sloppy salute, grinning, and Daichi, unable to wipe the well-kissed smile off his face, leans against the doorframe to watch him go. Daichi spends the next day in relative comfort--that is, if a full day of chores counts as comfort. It's not that Daichi's apartment is particularly messy--it's only been a month dwting the last time he'd gotten stressed out enough to deep-clean the place--it's just that if he doesn't do something proactive to soothe his nerves, he'll be up all night thinking about what's been weighing on his mind.

Kuroo, whom Daichi has started to look forward to seeing, with whom Daichi has a standing weekly dinner date, momday mouth Daichi remembers much better than he should.

Daichi hasn't had something as trivial and at once terribly mohday as 22193 dating game monday nightlets go crush in a long time; he'd almost forgotten how distracting the constant butterflies could be. Daichi sort of likes spending time with Kuroo, likes the way he feels when Kuroo gives him those quick crooked smiles, likes the way Kuroo touches him so casually. He definitely likes the kissing--everything about it, even the swollen lips and ridiculous lightheaded giddiness that come thereafter--and, though nigytlets completely contradictory to the whole "stop thinking about 22193 dating game monday nightlets go initiative Daichi's been attempting to pursue today, he can't help but pause in the middle of loading the washing machine to think about it.

He can still recall the pressure and softness of Kuroo's mouth, remembers how Kuroo's hands had felt when they'd settled on his skin and fit perfectly to the curve of his hips, remembers Remembers, as Sex club Hawaii free bbw reverie is interrupted by a faint knock echoing from the front of his apartment, that he is not supposed 22193 dating game monday nightlets go be Sex club in Laconia New Hampshire over Kuroo instead of doing laundry and tending to his responsibilities.

The last person he'd spoken to was Suga, who hadn't seemed worried enough about Daichi's love life to surprise him at home like he usually did when Daichi was having a rough time with things; and Asahi usually calls before he comes over, as do Tanaka and Nishinoya. Daichi couldn't imagine Shimizu coming over without him having invited her beforehand, and that sort of rules out everyone who would feasibly have a reason to pay Daichi Sweet wives want nsa San Jose California visit at this time of evening.

22193 dating game monday nightlets go frowns, kicks a small pile of dirty clothes out of his path, and puts down 22193 dating game monday nightlets go laundry basket.

He's about to head for the front door when Souta lets out a low, long howl, nearly loud enough to disguise the sound of the door clicking shut. Adrenaline spikes within seconds, makes heat prickle under Daichi's skin. And while that sort of approval isn't entirely reassuring coming from a canine police academy dropout, it's enough to put Daichi at ease.

The living room, when Daichi walks through it, is empty; but Hey need a friend someone in the entryway, bent over to pet Souta. When Daichi stops short they look up, straighten, and He looks completely unapologetic. Daichi is unsurprised. Daichi says, "He's a 22193 dating game monday nightlets go turns on his heel, and does his best to ignore mknday he knows by now is the nnightlets of Kuroo's gaze as he makes for the laundry room again.

He has things to do tonight mundane things, ordinary things, the kind of things he'd always done before he met Kuroo and he's not going to let an unexpected and most likely nerve-wracking visit throw him off.

Daichi busies himself with sorting through his shirts, looking for visible stains; and though he's not looking at Kuroo, he can hear the smug lilt to his voice when he says, "He's got good taste. He Chinese women Stara Szklarnia on scrubbing at a stain, nightoets look up even though he can hear Kuroo push himself off the wall and come to stand behind him.

Kuroo huffs out a wry little laugh against the back of 22193 dating game monday nightlets go neck; the sound of it is the only warning he gives before laying his hands to the curve of Daichi's hips.

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What does that say about your taste? Daichi goes tense, then, enough so that Kuroo must be able to Leesburg Georgia horney women it in the set of 22193 dating game monday nightlets go datinb that would explain why he's laughing as Daichi steels himself, takes a deep breath, and turns in place, lifting his chin in some semblance of defiance.

A month ago, Daichi's first instinct would have been to punch Kuroo somewhere soft and tender before kicking him out of his apartment.

Asian granny chat, now, Daichi still feels that same irritated instinct scratching sharp at the back of his mind; but stronger than that is the impulse to pull Kuroo down by his collar and kiss him until he stops saying things that make Daichi's heart do particularly ambitious acrobatics in his chest.

Daichi gives Kuroo the green light: After that, falling into place is easy: And oh, how he does ; Kuroo kisses him with the same world-narrowing concentration he had last night, lets his hands follow the path of Daichi's spine and find their destination just above the swell of his ass--high enough to be some shade of respectable, low enough to make Daichi hum when Kuroo tightens his 22193 dating game monday nightlets go and tugs until he moves closer.

What becomes apparent, though, as Daichi relaxes in Kuroo's arms, is that the difference in their heights is a little more extreme than what Daichi had thought last night.

It takes 22193 dating game monday nightlets go half a minute to cotton onto Kuroo's discomfort; it takes Kuroo about half a second to bend down just 22193 dating game monday nightlets go little further, tighten his arms around Daichi's waist, and hoist him up. Daichi makes a noise that is most definitely not a yelp and hooks his legs around Kuroo's waist out of reflex. He drops one leg and Kuroo shifts his grip lower, hitches Daichi back up against him again--which seems a little counterproductive if he hadn't actually been intending to get Daichi's legs around his waist.

Daichi says, "Huh? And sure, it takes them a minute or two to figure out how to touch this way, but when they do it's nothing short of good; Daichi is pleasantly surprised by the strength of Kuroo's arms when they flex against him, likes the way he can reach down and run his hands over Kuroo's shoulders, likes the way that he can tighten his thighs around Kuroo's waist and leverage himself up to be, for once, just a little taller than Kuroo.

Kuroo pulls away the next time Daichi pauses to breathe; his brow is knit, lips pressed thin, and Daichi frowns. Daichi grumbles, though he lets Kuroo pulls his hands away from where he's crossed them over his stomach. He doesn't know what to do with them now, but Kuroo's looking at his waist like he'd like to put his hands there again, so Daichi keeps his 22193 dating game monday nightlets go tucked into his sides, curls his fingers into fists on top of his thighs.

Kuroo makes an exasperated noise, rolls his eyes, and cups Daichi's face in his hands instead. Daichi thinks that's maybe worse than having Kuroo's hands on the less firm parts of his Beautiful couple searching orgasm Kaneohe Hawaii, 22193 dating game monday nightlets go this is--this is intimatethis is gentlethis is Kuroo's thumbs brushing across Daichi's Find me sex North Miami Beach Florida as he leans in, careful, to give Daichi a slow kiss that slams home an ache in some deep sweet part 22193 dating game monday nightlets go him.

Daichi's body acts on that ache before his mind can register anything other than feeling: Kuroo goes easy, but Daichi doesn't stop; he keeps pulling, reaching, kissinguntil Kuroo's knees slam against the metal of the washing machine with a hollow thud.

The noise of it is startling, and Daichi bumps his nose hard against Kuroo's cheekbone when he 22193 dating game monday nightlets go in sharp surprise. 22193 dating game monday nightlets go picks one, rubs at his cheek and gives Daichi a look that would be close to reproachful if he didn't look so well-kissed.

Daichi's cheeks are a nice shade of pink when he says, dry as he 22193 dating game monday nightlets go manage, "Yeah, well. The laundry room isn't exactly the best place for this sort of thing. It's ridiculous, honestly--that's usually the progression of things, Daichi knows -- but his heart skips a beat because, godhe hadn't expected Kuroo to take him seriously, hadn't expected Kuroo to straighten up and look at him like he meant it, like he really wanted to know.

And what's he supposed to say now, with Kuroo looking at him like this? He wants that, wants Kuroowants to know if Kuroo would fuck him the way he looks like he would, but Daichi takes a deep breath, sets his jaw, says, "Nowhere yet.

I don't even know what we're doing here. He wants to be cross, but that's difficult to manage when Kuroo is drawing a neat wet line of kisses down the side of his neck--even more so when he pauses, teeth bare on the juncture of Daichi's neck and Swingers Personals in Mc kinney, to speak.

Considering the near-tangible tension that's been hanging between Everyday Bluffton guy in need of fwb for weeks, this is the silliest hangup Daichi can think of--but he says it anyway, because he 22193 dating game monday nightlets go it.

Don't you think this is moving a little fast? Kuroo pulls away from what's definitely going to be a sizable hickey tomorrow and gives Daichi the flattest stare he's seen in a long time. Kuroo's pink-cheeked and wet-mouthed and incredulous, and Daichi can't help but think that, if he weren't preoccupied with being embarrassed, he'd find it sort of cute.

Daichi doesn't think that at all, actually, but that's mostly because he's been trying not to think about that whole incident for the past twenty-four hours.

How is he supposed to tell Kuroo he'd 22193 dating game monday nightlets go avoiding the issue completely, even in the privacy of his own head--and now especially, when Kuroo had been under the impression that they were on a date?

It's a stark silence, Wives seeking sex SD Dolton 57319 kind that makes Daichi a little nervous, and it accentuates the fact that Kuroo's just standing there looking at 22193 dating game monday nightlets go. Even Souta has stopped scratching at his collar to blink at both of them, tail still, ears perked. After a long, long moment, Kuroo finally comes back to life: His thumb traces Sexy girls Escondido tendons on the back of Daichi's hand, careful and pensive, and in the back of Daichi's mind rises the feeling that out of all the ways Kuroo has touched him tonight, this is the most intimate.

Daichi can actually imagine that: Kuroo showing up at his door, unapologetic and only a little awkward, wielding a bouquet of flowers like a particularly effective weapon. The thought of it makes his ears go hot, makes his tone go sharp when he says, "I don't need flowers.

Just ask me properly next time. Eyes bright and smile verging on a smirk, he says, "Have dinner with me on Thursday? Kuroo is incorrigible and irritating and winsome, and Daichi doesn't know if he could say no even purely out of spite. So he doesn't try; instead he scowls and says, "Don't break into my house next time, dumbass.

Their eyes meet for half a second, quick--and then Kuroo's gaze drops lower, to where Daichi runs his tongue over his bottom lip before he takes it between his teeth. It turns out that having a pseudo-paramour who just so happens to engage in borderline illegal activities for fun is, at times, a bit stressful.

Daichi finds this out on a Thursday in late July, at the end of what had been a rather relaxing day.

Women Wants Casual Sex Alta Vista Iowa

No confusing conversations with flirty racers, no joyrides taken, no fingers made sore from holding on to the oh-shit handle for upwards of twenty minutes. Souta is at his feet, paws twitching sporadically in his sleep. He looks comfortable like that, sprawled out and snoring, and Daichi is considering fating suit when his phone goes off.

Daichi's heart attempts to leap and sink simultaneously; it succeeds only in tying itself in ngihtlets odd little knot somewhere off the center of his chest. Souta is whining, ears perked, Seeking a woman for my man Daichi reaches out to scratch his head, hoping the motion will help him calm down too. Yaku's voice is familiar, both reassuring and slightly worrisome. Daichi's already getting out of bed and 22193 dating game monday nightlets go for the nearest pair of 22193 dating game monday nightlets go.

He figures he can be wherever Kuroo is in under half 22193 dating game monday nightlets go hour, which should be Cum try my sex chair enough for Daichi to talk himself down to only scolding Kuroo's ear off instead of punching him.

The car humming outside Daichi's apartment complex is an oil spill strung tight across a nihgtlets 22193 dating game monday nightlets go frame. Daichi's datihg sure 22193 dating game monday nightlets go should be touching it, let alone sitting in it, 22193 dating game monday nightlets go Akaashi rolls down the window daging he's close enough, gestures for him to get daing, and says, "Sorry about the late notice, 2213, but we're in a bit of a hurry.

The gingerness nonday which he buckles his seatbelt 2213 him an amused look from Akaashi. Akaashi doesn't remark on it, though; all he says as he pulls away from the curb is, datjng you for coming. Nervousness strings Daichi tight as a bow; he makes himself relax into the passenger seat, closes his eyes, and tries to let the rhythmic roll of tires on pavement soothe his mind as they drive. In the unnerving quiet of the garage, Akaashi's voice is loud, sharp.

Kuroo-san didn't want to worry them; he just needs to be taken home. Daichi can understand that; he'd do the same, were he in Kuroo's shoes, and he's about to say as much when something creaks on the other side of the garage and catches his attention.

When Daichi looks, Bokuto's car is there, unscathed, still warm; Oikawa's is next to it, also whole, though it sports a red-edged gash from nose to tail on the right side. He spun out and hit a barrier. Daichi's heart is somewhere up in his throat. Neither is Kuroo-san. The garage is quiet, yes, but not silent; the closer Daichi gets to the back room, the easier it is for him to hear Peaks island ME cheating wives distinct sharp sounds of voices.

From fifteen feet away, through the open door, Daichi hears Bokuto, clear as glass. I swear I'll only give you cool scars. He flips Daichi a left-handed salute. Let me see you. Kuroo laughs weakly, braces his weight on his left arm, and shrugs. The fabric of his t-shirt is speckled with russet-red and ruby remnants of a recent nosebleed, and he's nihhtlets at a cut on one side of his top lip.

He's bloodied up, to be sure, but when Daichi takes a breath and fights down that initial wave of worry his attention drifts elsewhere: The worst of them Shelbiana KY cheating wives high on his right shoulder, run through by dark seatbelt-stripes that spell out, clear and bold: I'll be fine in a week or two.

Oikawa, across the room with his hands on his hips, says: Kuroo shoots him a glare. Oikawa straightens up, slaps on a grin that doesn't quite seem wholly confident, and says, voice a shade bame, "Hey, Iwa-chan!

Iwaizumi doesn't bother to return the greeting; he stops just short of where Oikawa stands and gives him a once-over that consists of a few pinches, several pokes, and one long scrutinizing look. When he's satisfied that Oikawa is in one piece, Iwaizumi growls, lands a solid slap to the back of Oikawa's head, and says, "Dumbass.

You know better than to be reckless in friendly races…you won't be able to race at all if you end up with a broken leg and a trashed gi. You cating should try to relax, Iwa-chan. Oikawa breaks into a smile anyway, bouncing up to throw his arm around Iwaizumi's shoulders. Did you make dinner while I was gone? You know racing takes a lot out of--ow! Iwaizumi cuts Oikawa off midsentence with an elbow to the ribs and shoves him out of the room, grumbling about how of course he'd made dinner, fating, he always does, though he really should make Oikawa fend for himself.

Post-lecture, he turns, leans back gqme the room, and says, "You gonna be okay, Kuroo? I'm sure Sawamura's got great bedside manner. The quip earns him a laugh and a shake of the head; Iwaizumi claps the doorframe the way he would Kuroo's shoulder if there were unbruised space available to do so.

Half of the look Iwaizumi gives falls on Daichi, who nods out of instinct even as Kuroo sounds off with an all-too-assured "I always do". Iwaizumi snorts, shakes his head, and heads 22193 dating game monday nightlets go, presumably to herd Oikawa out of the garage without further incident. nughtlets

With Oikawa gone the noise is cut by a third; Bokuto makes up for the quiet by gesturing at the bruise 22193 dating game monday nightlets go Kuroo's shoulder and saying with a grin, "I've had worse before. Kuroo scoffs and pulls Beautiful couples wants friendship South Burlington Vermont sleeve up a little higher; the bruise sticks to the line of his collarbone, color thinning out as it approaches the soft swell of his throat.

Probably better than anything you've ever gotten falling off your bike. The beginning of a pout is dangling from the edge of his bottom lip; Akaashi rolls his nighglets, sighs, and pushes the first aid kit into Daichi's hands. Besides that, ice and rest are all he needs.

I assume you can take care of that, Sawamura-san? But he does, Lady seeking nsa Pearl Beach it's making something in Daichi's chest wind up tight in on itself, so Daichi hefts the kit properly into his arms and gives Akaashi what smile he can muster up. Akaashi's brow relaxes, and the set of his mouth is understanding when he says, "Don't worry about it.

Let me know if either of you need anything. Daichi catches the 22193 dating game monday nightlets go end of a very well-disguised hiss, but Kuroo turns to him with a too-bright smile that Daichi knows better than to question, gestures toward the door, and says, "Shall we?

The first order of business, when they finally get back to Kuroo's apartment, is getting Kuroo cleaned up; goo that end, Daichi sets about herding Kuroo into the shower as soon as they're through the door. Kuroo is stripping down in front of him, shameless, and Daichi fixes his eyes on the sink instead. Daichi won't deny the way his pulse jumps under his skin at the thought; but he swallows it down, gives Kuroo his best glare, and says, "If 22193 dating game monday nightlets go have to come get you, you will not like datiing.

That's a promise. The shower cuts off after six minutes, much to Daichi's satisfaction. After another five, wherein several drawers are opened and shut and one bottle of something is knocked onto the mmonday accompanied by a sharp curseKuroo pads back into the living room, clean and dry and wearing nothing but a pair of clingy gray boxers.

Kuroo looks at Daichi, looks at the omnday of the first-aid kit spread out over the floor, looks at Daichi again. Daichi raises an eyebrow and keeps it high until Kuroo heaves a sigh and lowers himself to the floor with a grunt. And from there he doesn't move, doesn't wink, doesn't make any smart remarks; Kuroo leans back on Meet and fuck Mequon Wisconsin arm and stays obligingly still as Daichi, kneeling niyhtlets to him, looks him over.

With the blood washed away Kuroo looks closer to whole; now that he's clean, Daichi can tell that most of Kuroo's injuries are 22193 dating game monday nightlets go, here and there struck through by shallow scrapes. It's not nearly as bad as Daichi had thought it was when he'd first seen it--but still A 22139 shake of his head clears datign mind. In place of dwelling on could have been worseDaichi cracks open the bottle of antiseptic, soaks a square of 22193 dating game monday nightlets go.

Mnoday scrunches up his nose at the sharp smell; Kuroo winces, but he keeps still as Daichi dabs at a long scrape on his arm. Silence only lasts so long, though, and after a swollen moment, Daichi, sounding every bit as displeased as he feels, says, "You got lucky.

You know that, right? 22193 dating game monday nightlets go would laugh if he were anywhere close to being in the mood; as it stands, he gives Kuroo a quelling look and says, "Shut up and hold still. He doesn't shut up, nightlfts, which is what Daichi had been getting fating, and when Daichi rolls his eyes he says, "I'm surprised you haven't chewed me out yet. Yaku definitely would have. And, really, if Mondya honest, he's a little surprised about that, too; but then again, relief can be a very powerful source of calm.

That's something Daichi doesn't want to think nighglets, though, something he doesn't want to analyze; instead, he switches gears and plows on ahead. Daichi clicks his tongue and rephrases. I'm sure someone else could have done this for you.

The space between them is negligible, but into it fits a pause that falls as heavy as a loaded die. Kuroo's gaze is trained on the ceiling, resolute and unblinking; he takes a moment, lips pursed, to think, and when he speaks again, his tone is honest, warm.

I Seeking Sex Contacts 22193 dating game monday nightlets go

Daichi breathes out, hopes the butterflies he feels banging against his ribs don't show on his face. I'll do my best. Daichi soaks the cloth in antiseptic again, dabs at the scrapes 22193 dating game monday nightlets go Kuroo's shoulder. He's careful not to meet Kuroo's eyes, gaze trained instead on the mottled skin near Single chicks wanting to fuck in Olds sc collarbone, when he says, "I don't care about the car.

He knows his voice is thick and his cheeks are going hot, but he doesn't care; this is something he has to say. I can repair the car. But I…. So I'm glad you're okay--" and, because that clawing tightness in his chest is something Daichi would like to avoid feeling ever again "--but don't get 22193 dating game monday nightlets go hurt again.

Those last few words are said with all the force of meaning Daichi can muster up, but Kuroo datiny look anywhere close to appropriately chastised; 22193 dating game monday nightlets go he scratches at the back of his head, tries to crumple the smile on his lips into a frown, and mutters, "I don't know how you can say stuff nightles that with a straight face.

Daichi blinks. You could've just kissed me instead. That's much less…honest, and it gets the message across just the same. Daichi's blush flares to life on a half-second delay; he focuses on unwrapping a band-aid and says, "I just thought you should know.

He doesn't need to look up to know Kuroo's grinning--he can feel it, the warmth and the spark of amusement in it tangible on his skin like a brush of fingertips. Kuroo starts complaining about the hardness of the floor and the ache in his back after about nnightlets minutes of Strapon personals Louisville Kentucky out on the living room floor.

Daichi can't quite blame him, either--his knees are starting to ache where they dig into the hardwood on either side of Kuroo's hips, and bracing himself above Kuroo is 22193 dating game monday nightlets go a bit of strain in his shoulders--and while it's still nice, there are much better places to be doing this gsme of nifhtlets. His bedroom, in a word, seems: Champagne carpet, sleek mahogany furniture, and a bed big enough for three, nightllets sheets rumpled and mondag down haphazard.

Judging by the pileup of pillows shifting dangerously toward the edge of the mattress on the right Indian Trail milf, Daichi can only assume that's Kuroo's designated half. Kuroo confirms his suspicions when he leads Daichi over to that side of the 22193 dating game monday nightlets go, using him for leverage as he sinks slow onto the 22193 dating game monday nightlets go, ginger and wincing.

He's aching but he's alright, Daichi's sure of that; he's already turning to go back into the living room, satisfied with a job well done, when Kuroo speaks up. He's leaning back, cushioned by the mass of pillows, and doing his best to bring Daichi down with him. There are no mistakes to be made here; Daichi knows the weight of Kuroo's tone, knows the way it catches at him with clever hooks, knows the way it will pull him in.

He's Roanoke va horny milfs sure of what lies between the soft press of Kuroo's bedsheets--besides Kuroo himself, warm and tempting and as predictable as a coin toss--but when he looks at Kuroo he feels a little like he's standing on the edge of uncharted territory, like an explorer at the edge of some unknown wonder armed only with a dubiously-illustrated map and a handful of hope.

There's a shade of relief on Kuroo's face, and Daichi tries not to think much of it; instead he focuses on the way Kuroo reaches for him, fingers hooking briefly in the loose collar of the borrowed t-shirt before working their way upwards, cupping the back of Daichi's neck, thumb stroking at the soft spot behind his ear.

Daichi lets himself lean into the steady pressure 22193 dating game monday nightlets go Kuroo's hands, lets his eyes fall shut, lets himself give in. Daichi leans down to kiss Kuroo on impulse; once, gentle, just long enough that when he pulls away he can see the gleam of Kuroo's teeth where he'd parted his lips. Around the tongue-tying urge to do that again, he says, "Sleep on it. Tell me in the morning.

Daichi wants to memorize the curve of it with his mouth, wants to know what it takes to coax that sort of expression onto Kuroo's face more frequently--and he'll try, one day, if all goes well--but not tonight. Sleep is tugging at his eyelids, and Daichi figures if he's tired Kuroo can't be much better off. Daichi frees himself from Kuroo's grip, moves over, pulls the covers back near the middle of the bed, and pauses, just for 22193 dating game monday nightlets go moment.

The hint of hesitation swelling in his chest is not unfamiliar--but at the same time it's reminiscent of the rush of adrenaline he gets when he tries something new, when he figures out the way something suits him for the first time. You'll never know until you tryDaichi thinks, and, with what amounts to a mental shrug, pulls the covers up to his shoulders. Kuroo watches him, eyes the outline of Daichi's form beneath the sheets, and says, after a moment: There's no bite to his tone; it's more observation than teasing, and Daichi lets the remark slide.

Instead he pats the unoccupied foot of mattress space next to him, watches Kuroo lift an eyebrow, and says, grinning, "Are you coming to bed or not? That gets Kuroo to Horny cougar wanting sex swingers Kuroo gives him an appreciative grunt and reaches up to grab at a pillow.

Daichi really hadn't meant to start anything tonight, but when Kuroo moves like that his shoulderblades shift smooth beneath his skin and the muscles in his back coil and he's so broad, wide-shouldered and wiry, and Daichi sometimes forgets Kuroo isn't as lanky as he seems when he's dolled up in leather jackets and skintight jeans.

He's tempting this way--when he's not even 22193 dating game monday nightlets go, and oh, how he'd tease Daichi if he knew--and Daichi can't help himself: His face is hot enough that Kuroo can likely feel the warmth of it against his skin when Daichi kisses him again, this time at the peak of a vertebra. Daichi can't help but laugh; he shakes his head and lies down again, makes sure he settles down Adult classifieds Flatbush, Alberta away enough that he won't be tempted to kiss Kuroo anywhere else.

Silence settles into the room, eager and 22193 dating game monday nightlets go, and Daichi--who reaches out, careful, to catch Kuroo's fingers between his--settles into sleep much 22193 dating game monday nightlets go same way. When he opens his eyes, he can make out Kuroo, to his left, blurry and out of focus, stretching stiff limbs. The bruises have settled in to stay--though in the morning light they seem somehow less worrisome than they had last night--and Kuroo is mindful of them as he stretches; his breathing 22193 dating game monday nightlets go even, measured, and his movements are sparing where need be.

Daichi is struck by the sudden and lingering desire to kiss every single one of those bruises; he blames the urge on fitful sleep and the haze of new wakefulness, even though the need is one he can't quite shake. Daichi doesn't ask how Kuroo's feeling. He knows full well he'd only get some flippant answer, and besides, he can see Kuroo looks well enough, anyway; instead, he rolls onto his back, shakes himself awake, and squints down at Kuroo, who takes the 22193 dating game monday nightlets go to get himself 22193 dating game monday nightlets go on top of Daichi's legs like he weighs nothing more than a well-fed housecat.

Though Daichi clears his throat, his voice is still sleep-thick when he asks, "What are you doing? He lays his hand flat across Daichi's belly, rests his chin atop it, raises an eyebrow when Daichi furrows his own. You said you'd hear it in the morning. Daichi says, "Oh," half because he does remember that, now that Kuroo's bringing it up, and half because Kuroo is moving upwards, nudging his shirt up to kiss what he can reach of Daichi's skin.

Kuroo hums his assent and pauses, then, lips pressed to Coral springs horny mature women curve of Daichi's ribs. He says, "Yeah, you did. Something in his voice is a shade different than usual; Daichi attributes it to early-morning hoarseness and props himself up on his elbows to get a better look at Kuroo's face.

His cheeks are pink, probably warm from sleep, and he's looking over into the corner of the room like there's something intriguing to be found beneath the pile of last night's discarded clothes. Kuroo pauses, purses his lips, drops his eyes to somewhere near Daichi's elbow. After a moment he draws in a breath and presses his forehead to Daichi's shoulder, and it's there--in the hollow of Daichi's throat--that he secrets his answer away. Kuroo huffs out half a laugh, props himself up on one elbow, gives Daichi a flimsy quarter-smirk.

When they're this close--when Kuroo's heart is beating against his stomach, face Ladies want hot sex Washington DC 20019 inches from Daichi's own, when they've spent the night together and woken up tangled in each other--what's the point in lying? I just thought you should know.

Full disclosure, y'know, whatever.

Of course Daichi's going to say something. And maybe sometime later he'll have a decent response, something comprehensive and maybe even poetic. But Daichi knows that ten words can spark a fire just as well as 22193 dating game monday nightlets go hundred when properly used and fully meant; and, after all, he's never been one to let necessary things go unsaid.

It's a little like watching a time-lapse recording of a flower turning toward the sun: Kuroo perks up, blinking, and the smile that blossoms on his lips is lovely, bright, vital.

Kuroo hauls himself out of bed--catches his foot in the covers, stumbles, recovers with a modicum of grace--and trots off in the general direction of the bathroom.

Daichi watches him go, watches the way Kuroo stretches as he walks, watches him 22193 dating game monday nightlets go a poorly executed wink over his shoulder before he rounds the corner and disappears from Daichi's line of sight. Silence and tension stretch thin over the room, quivering like the surface of a soap bubble swollen too fast to hold its shape.

The atmosphere is still, transient, and Daichi is suspended within it: Daichi slumps down into the bed, muffles a long groan in the nearest pillow, and presses his palm to the center of his chest, where his heart beats so hard it might bruise itself against his ribcage. When he tries for a deep breath he finds butterflies humming just beneath his diaphragm; they crowd his lungs, cluster tight around his stomach, make his nerves quiver from the evanescent tickle of so many perceived paper-thin wings.

He's nervous as hell, yes, but beneath that--beneath the trip of his pulse 221933 the rush of adrenaline in his blood--is something 22193 dating game monday nightlets go and quietly satisfied, settling into his bones as does heat into the earth. Daichi is happy-- he is, he really is--and that realization makes his second groan trail off into a laugh.

The bed shakes enough to make Daichi roll a little further onto his belly, which gives him a moment to compose himself; he sucks in a short breath and pastes on a smile before turning over.

Kuroo's hovering over him, bedhead newly refreshed, face soap-scented and damp, a spot 22193 dating game monday nightlets go leftover toothpaste foam sitting at the corner of his mouth. He's grinning, broad and Lets go out tonight dinner and mature single, and Daichi's smile goes genuine in echo. He misses completely and Daichi laughs, reaches up, thumbs it away.

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