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Archives RSS. Sign up for our Anyone want to hit up bigalows tonight Subscribe. Todd Rosenberg The giddy beginning: This would be my first Carouselbut I'd heard a lot recently about its greatness and that it was darker and more complex than the other Rodgers and Hammerstein shows, which I sometimes find a little hard to take. Anyway, this production was supposed to be an especially fine one, Hot sex in North Ridgeville Ohio it was nice to have an excuse to get dressed up and visit the Civic Opera House.

It was a great production: But then something happened in the penultimate scene that wrecked the whole thing for me.

About halfway through act one, the heroine, Julie, tells her best friend, Carrie, that her husband, Billy, hit her.

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Well, OK, it was the Depression and Billy was out of work, and it was clear he didn't have the sweetest temper anyway. Julie's big act two number, "What's the Use of Wnt is a big old "stand by your man" thing, and I could see her point of view there too.

Divorce wasn't really an option in the ht, when the Cranberry lake NY milf personals was written, or the 30s, bigalowws the Lyric's production Anyone want to hit up bigalows tonight place, not to mention the s, when it was originally set.

Besides, they'd only been married two months, and he'd only hit her once. But then in the second-to-last scene, Billy comes back to earth to help out his daughter, Louise, who's having a rough time because she's a teenager growing up in a small town with a single mom and no money and because she's inherited her father's combative temperament.

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She's wary of him because he's a stranger, but she warms up a bit after he tells her he was a friend of her dad's. When he tries to give her a star, though, she gets creeped out and refuses to take it, and he slaps her. And then when Louise tells Julie about what happened, she says that even though he hit her, it didn't hurt at all.

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It felt like a kiss! Is that possible, she asks?

Want For A Man Anyone want to hit up bigalows tonight

Yes, it's possible, Julie says. In the next scene, Louise graduates from high school and Billy comes back as a spirit to let her and Julie know how much he loves them and is redeemed, sort of, even bigalowz he's still dead.

Todd Rosenberg He hit me and it felt like a kiss.

Nothing I had read about the play had prepared me for this. If I'd been alone, I would have yelled something obscene. Billy was meeting his daughter for the first time—the same daughter, incidentally, that he'd vowed in "Soliloquy" to protect and provide for, even if it Boys teen sex Birmingham him—and he hit her!

How could this be OK? I raged for a while on Facebook, and Albert Williams, who reviewed this production for the Reader and who also teaches musical theater at Columbia, took pity on me and explained that Billy had issues, and that Carousel is also rooted in 19th-century transcendentalism, the belief that a spiritual experience, Anyone want to hit up bigalows tonight Billy and Julie's great love, transcends something Anyone want to hit up bigalows tonight, like a slap.

And also that while Billy's initial meeting with Louise was a complete failure, like everything else he did, the final scene was another example of transcendental love.

Anyone want to hit up bigalows tonight

Todd Rosenberg Redemption. There was also another explanation that I learned about by reading the Lyric dramaturg Roger Pines's notes in the program: Consequently, Rodgers and Hammerstein promised to be faithful to the source material. And Liliom, the prototype for Billy, is a complete ass.

One of the nice things about being a reporter is that when certain things bother you, you can call people up and ask questions. So I called up Pines the afternoon after I saw the show and explained my issue—not that I wanted a trigger warning or anything, but how Naughty lady seeking hot sex Tamarac Billy possibly be worthy of Anyone want to hit up bigalows tonight

Pines said he hadn't been privy to any of the rehearsal discussions, so he couldn't talk about that, but he could tell me hih bit more about the show itself, which he's loved since he was a little kid, and its evolution Anyone want to hit up bigalows tonight Liliomwhich he read for the first time only recently.

Rodgers and Hammerstein, he said, were both optimistic and cheerful people. So what, I asked, made them want to adapt something dark and depressing like Liliom? They were looking to do something different from Oklahoma! But they were still Anyone want to hit up bigalows tonight guys who wrote "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'," so they gave Billy songs like "If I Loved You" and "Soliloquy" and invented the final redemptive high school graduation scene.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo - Wikipedia

He has no redeeming qualities. When he dies, you feel nothing. Liliom is hateful. He made me angry. That explanation did make a bit more sense to me. It was comforting—sort of—to know I wanr necessarily Annyone to hate Carouselat least not completely, but I could just transfer all my hatred to Liliom.

Someday, like 75 years from now, there will be a revival of something that is popular now and someone will go see it and be amazed at how appalling and hateful it is bgialows ask a dramaturg how he or Anyone want to hit up bigalows tonight can possibly justify it. Maybe the dramaturg will say something like what Pines Anyone want to hit up bigalows tonight. You can't take it out and soft-pedal it.

It wouldn't be Carousel. Frederick sexy girl guess it all wouldn't be so upsetting to me Waterloo women looking for sex Carousel weren't so beautiful that it's impossible to dismiss.

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Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo () - IMDb

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