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Baldwinsville looking to bust first nut Ready Nsa

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Baldwinsville looking to bust first nut

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Roleplay, mild verbal, spanking, sexual servitude, light bondage, but nothing painful or wierd. Home single m4w sittin home single with nothin 2 do.

Name: Kevina
Age: 36
City: Milwaukee, WI
Hair: Long with tendrils
Relation Type: Horney Ladys Seeking Blonde Looking For Sex
Seeking: I Am Searching Sex Chat
Relationship Status: Single

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United States. Results 1 to 24 of How soon after bustin a nut can you reload a bust a nut again?

If I'm fapping then anything from 10 minutes-1 hour. If I'm with a chick it depends. I've had chicks I've felt comfortable around an reloaded in about 20 mins and I've had chicks I've pooking anxious around and I haven't been able to reload at all or barely get a semi.

Anywhere from minutes. I can bust nut after nut like 4 times with 15 second intervals of rest in a row before requiring a 1 minute break.

Happy Tuesday Massage Needed Please

Ill let u kno Baldwinsvile I'm done. I can force myself to go again after a short rest, but to fully recover and be as good as new again it takes about an hour.

Originally Posted by ineedadrink. I call it "Celebration". It's sexual, and violent New Jersey Crew Few times I busted then kept going then busted again without pulling out.

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Depends on my mood, I can stay hard sometimes for round 2 almost instantly, but most of the time minutes before I go again. It's perfect, especially with sex, because I get hungry as fuk between sessions, have Baldwinsville looking to bust first nut take a piss, eat a meal, then go for round bsut.

Can also cum again in 5 minutes. Dat dere PC muscle.

Seeing all the quick recovery times, this Baldwinsvi,le one of the few times I wish I was 21 again. I once went 3 times in a row with absolutely zero refractory period That's very rare though.

Aesthetic Glutes Crew Eleshirt Crew. Originally Posted by axiom Originally Posted by Roasted. Multiple orgasms crew Only exprienced this a handful of times though Most of the time though I can go again pretty quick. Yes, even at Originally Posted by DoctorHitch.

Full time CTR slayer, I do this for free. During one BJ I nit receiving, I busted a nut and didn't loose my bonrar at all!

She just swallowed and kept sucking away.

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