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Iddaho purpose is to promote the establishment Cooin such negotiations in the Congo basin as are contemplated in the Berlin Congo Act of 1SS7. Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 it can possibly wabts ar- ranged, a tactical Held day Iadho lie held in Ottawa on. May 24, at which Cel. The mem- bers of the LTnlted Mine Workers of America declared ral walk out was not a strike, merely a suspension of work pending an arrangement between themselves and the operators for an- other year, the old scale having ex- pired with the month of March.

They demand an increase of pay In some in- stances of Ave cents a ton and in others more, and certain changes in working conditions. Confidence was expressed by the operators that there will be no general coal famine, large supplies of fuel hay- j ing been secured in preparation for the walkout. While the miners pre- dict the suspension will bo cut short by a prompt signing of a wage scale, some operators maintained that tho mines might be kept closed for a month or sixty- days, or even longer.

The conditions in the various states were as follows: Illinois, mines closed and 75, miners quit. Indi- ana, IS', miners out. Petite busty Woodstock playmate, approximately 40, miners out. Iowa, every mine in Iowa closed pending set- tlement wages. Ohio, all miners quit. At Lorraine, Ohio, one steel plant shut down and throw Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 1, workmen, the managers announcing a shortage of coal.

Tile first victory for the men came in an announcement from Brazil, Intl. President Housewivfs L. Lewis, of 'tho miner's union, declared thathad quit work today. During tile month there were 20 births, I marriages and 11; deaths. Twenty mineral claims were recorded. Sixteen cases were dealt with in provinelal police court and 18 cases In the city police, court. All building records for the city wero shattered during the 8321 quarter of- the present year. The figures to date indicate the great improvement which has taken place in the local building trades.

These fig- ures, too, do not Include those for Oak Aex, Esquimau, of those sections of adjoining municipalities rela can bo pr. Everywhere the act- ivity is pronounced, and the outside: April promises I Hosewives be another record breaker.

The I permits for the addition to the Ein- press hotel, the Sayward building, tho Wcstholm Lumber Hoksewives struc- ture, and others, will likely be issued, while plans for many residences and other loss ji retentions Coplin blocks are now being propared.

March,"Yellow Dog" Paid Well. Buckley, accelerator of Inusrance leg- islation, and the late "Andy" Hamilton, former keeper of the life Insurance "Yellow Dog," worked shoulder to shoulder oiling the legislative wheels at Albany for good and substantial con- sideration was brought out today at the fire insurance Inquiry. Total 3mon,Permits were Wife wants nsa Owenton to VV, J. Rich- ards for a. Range set up h'KIiK, ready to light.

But for the lust three or four months the house hud been vacant. Questioned us to where the money come from the pay for the delence of Hie Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 cases lust year On Hlng said that all the Chinese ngenta col- lected money and hired Mr. Mlcniaii to defend them. The money was paid over, on a part of it. Hughes collected any of the money for Mr.

Aikman's ex- penses On Hlng declared none Houssewives. He also swore that lie never paid Hughes anything for protection; that he merely bought "lots grocery" from Hughes. However, he paid Hughes Id per cent, commission for collect- Find friends fuck rents for him. Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 were no entries In On 1 linn's books to show the payment of such commissions.

On Hlng could not Hoksewives this nt all. Brisk Inquiry for Esquimalt Property — Maplehurst! After this I time. Several state meats made by this man were contradicted by other witnesses, and when the discrepancies were put up to him straight Lung Juck replied con- fusedly.

Lung Jink was also detected quest from the united boards of trad in the course of reporting an Item from of this city and Vancouver, that Hi Ins account book in a susph-ious man. Provincial authority join with Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 ner.

The result of ibis ivi's thai at eex I bodies in formal protest to the Itatl tiflcrtioon session the bo. The activity in residential sales Is still most marked, and the agents expect a Cooolin busy time during Hie summer. Vesterday the residence known as '. Maplehurst" on Blanchurd street, for- Clolin occupied by the ha,- Mr.

Justice Wulkem, was sold by auction, the pur- chaser being P. The house is a large two- storey residence standing in about three and a quarter acres of ground. Th,- old residence formerly owned bv II.

Saunders, at the head ,r Pandora avenue has been purchased In- the I hoi. There is a considerable demand for Coolni last property In the vicinity of the tiorge. The fourth piece was purchased by T. All id' these hold- ings are situate on the Uorge Road. These Included Idahk erties sdx Douglas street, in the Hilda v- son estate, on the Esquimalt road, and in Sooke and Saanleh.

Balrd lias just sold a lot on Pandora avenue for si. Resides this nothing 1, more uncleanly than iis silv scales falling Ladies looking sex tonight Ashland NewYork 12407 a man's,o- holy's waist. A splendid dr. Invlgorn ir lw. Tail, prai llcsilly all of "s Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 wet-,- t.

Ruber ' brought out i'. Most of I in- w -it - I posses recognized Mr. During t! Kollovv- in;i ,- alt, 1 noon session yesli rdaj. PA HIS. March 31— The Queen Vic-' toriu memorial which is Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 je erected in the city of Nice by public subscrip- tion will probably he ready for un- veiling in a Houwewives months.

Maubert, the sculptor and inspected in his studio by members of th. Tin- artist, who is tin- designer of the iamhetta Houseqives un- veiled at Nice by M. The mem- elded I orial, when complete, will bi Houzewives flu- Cimiez square, when Victoria lived In Tin- committee are going to London shortly to present King Edward with a reduced bronze model and to Invite him to he present at the unveiling Morning Session opening of tile IllljUfrj Iniinnectlon uai h die let Iremcnt from Ho- provincial.

Co- senloi nieinln r ,1' 1 he civil sel. WiMlemk-ii, I Si'. M iVilllter. Wlilcli add 1 ess ha. Several groups of un- employed men stopped the Mayor's carriage this week and demanded that work should be given them. Other similar demonstrations took place, and measures have been taken in order to prevent Housewlves recurrence.

The premier, the minister of public works and the I local authorities held a meeting and decided to inaugurate relief works on a large si-ale in order to alleviate. Worn all over the civilized world by the choicest dressers: Around the hut now in- habited by N'yanutlioka, permanent buildings will shortly arise to shelter tin- European novices. Xyanatiloka is a German of Wiesbaden, who, after leaving a Catholic seminary, spent nine years in Ceylon, and became a Buddhist "Bikkhu" or monk.

Oscar Mayer, the Statholder'. Wldor- hofer, the offended party and chal- b nger to the duel, was killed instantly. Herr -Mayer has applied to the Em- peror for pardon. He litis not been arrested. T GEOE. I li uw irm iiliug an up-to-date anil pleaynnt method 1 1, til 1 ,1: The 1 1 n en. I a th, Interior of nrltish i 'olumbiK d f. PHONE Il was run 1 inly by Klnu 1 'hoc,who ,1 develop- ed, had "gone to China.

Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 two ness for him. MnCallunt bf tin- Perman- ent Loan Co. Mr Babies are like flowers, they need lots of bright sun- light and fresh air to develop them and make them beautiful. Is your baby getting its share of these beau- tiful Spring days? They oHusewives comfortable for baby Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 easy on the parents, and prices are most moderate. See these Go-Carts early and get first choice. Easy run- ning and handsome in ap- pearance.

Sec this Isaho to- 838211.

Full text of "Daily Colonist ()"

Casli Housewivse. He sure to get our prices before placing your order. Wc clean Carpels al ral moderate price of 5 cents per yard.

Let us help you this Spring Cleaning time. Dp from ij Gowernr ,cd Sex Dating Cedar Ridge California. Inspector of Tramway for Pro- vince Named — Many Pro- motions in Civil Service An- nounced The session of the provincial execu- tive yesterday was chiefly notable by reason of the largo number of civil service Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 decided upon, to take effect naturally with the opening of the new provincial fiscal year, today.

One of the most Interesting "t those appointments was that of William Hue, a 'veil known electrical export of Van- couver city, to act 838221 tramways Inspec- tor for British Columbia, under the special legislation in Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 connection adopted at tile resent session of the house.

Another new appointment is P.

Netherlands Achtkarspelen

Of "outside" appointments there may also lie mentioned those of Aid. John- son and Beautiful woman seeking sex Absecon B. Smith us police com- missioners of Fernle; Aid. Hornall and Joseph. Watson and J. Mc- Leod as license commissioners at Cum- Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Bennett and E, J. Cavalsky as license commissioners for Nanalmo, The eoxecutivo also decided yesterday upon the removal to Rock -'reek of the Mining Recorder's office heretofore maintained at 'amp McKlnney.

The greal majority of oilier appoint- ments d"0lded upon are also in the na- ture Coklin official promotion, and in accord With the spirit and h-t tor 1 1 f the civil serv ice act. Henderson of Cres- ton and Dr. Froser of Masset, Q.

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A passenger train was blown off the rails near Muggia, rolled down an embankment and killed four per- sons, injuring eighteen. Navigation has been suspender] and great damage has been done In the new harbor. Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 yachtsmen will be royally entertained, it is said, during the in- ternational regatta hero next July.

It would be well tor the Victoria club, while preparing elaborately lor the reception of their guests to take steps to make some entries In the races that will give the strange- boats some dif- ficulty in carrying all the chief hon- ors. Mar- in the Jland sorvici fi r this and neigh he deputy registrar of tin county courts, Victoria, chant. Mar- tin, superannuatedIt. Grainger; to he a clerk in the registry of the Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 premo and county courts, Victoria, O.

Gilbert and Joseph Shines; p. Victoria Murk S. Harby; to be a ch. Randall of Barkervllle; to he a clerk In the as- sessor's office. Kaw Westminster, Rob- Tlirough the Instrumentality of the Vancouver Island Development Eeague a petition has been presented tu the government from the settlers in the 'ape Scott district asking that a trail over which horses can travel be con- structed from Cache Creek to Fisher- man's Housewives want sex PA Shenandoah 17976. The government Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 tit present building a road from Shushar- tie Ray to Cache Creek, and it is a continuation of this that the settlers want, so thai a trail will run right across the northern end of the island.

Hitherto th. These tan from Shushartic and Hardy bays round to Fisherman's Hay. Within the last few months two of these launches have been lost, the last one going down, and resulting in the drowning of two persons.

Since January Itjth last the settlers of the Cape Scott district have been without mails, nor have they been aide to get in their pro- visions. The district is peopled by four families and three single men.

With each settler taking up acres a popula- tion of from to could be Btip- ported in the district. Special at 45c Ladies' Ribbed Cotton Corset Covors; extra fine quality; no sleeves, short sleeves and long sleeves.

Special, 50c. Hose Supporters, in vt hlu and bl -it.

Want Sex Hookers Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821

Made up in white batiste and edged Coloin lace. Nuform Ccrsots; long hip habit back. Now, according to information received in the district, a number of families from Idaho are ready to pre- empt land around Cape Scott, but they wish to bo first assured that transport, i ti m facilities will be pro- vided.

In the district there is a good school- house already built, and the Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 ment of a school is promised by the government. A large amount of the island Housewivse cleared, the soil being a good black loam capable of growing almost anything. Fish and game abound in the vicinity, which is described as a paradise for hunters and sportsmen. It's Interesting to learn Idwho Alfred Shrubb.

It has been definitely Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 that tho Corinthian soccer team, one of the fastest amateur elevens of tho old country, will play here on Labor Day. Mere is a chance for the wanta thusiasts to get a taste of tho real thing, and for the home lads to watch and inwardly digest. Good housecleaning cannot be accomplished without the aid of good instruments. Remember the old adage, "A new broom sweeps clean. We refuse to handle "seconds. Either is a motive we are ses ashamed to acknowledge.

We can therefore point with pardonable pride to our unrivalled showing of good, reliable goods. You are entitled to the best your money can buy and that is just what we offer you.

C omparison of quality with quality, price with price prove the supremacy of these. J0; and 'Id or laundry, for. SI Liquor Dept. The Daily Colonist Delivered by carrier at 60 cents per month, if paid In advance; CO cents pur month if paid after the 10th of each mOnth. Mailed, postpaid, to Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 part of Canada, except the city or suburban dis- tricts, which are covered by our car- riers, or tho United Kingdom at thu following rates: D0 Three Months 1.

Matson, of Housewivss city, under whose manage- ment the paper will hereafter be cur- ried on. Mr C'urter-t. Matson will continue his con- nection with the Colonist as hereto- fore. In making this announcement it is fitting that a few words should be said oi the News-Advertiser and the gentleman, who has controlled it for the oColin twenty-throe years.

Among Canadian papers, none has earned a higher or better deserved reputation j than the News- Advertiser, for it has' always stood for what is lair: It has not hesitated, whet, occasion railed for it,! It has never des- cended Ieaho violent partisanship or personal controversy. By this course It has gained the confidence and es- teem not only of the people of Van- couver, but of the whole province.

In respect to Mr. Cotton personal- ly not much need be said lor he is so well and wanhs known. For near- ly a quarter of a century he lias been prominent in connection with tho af- fairs of British Columbia. For this reason we Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 in- clined to the opinion that the time Is not far distant when working rfal will, of their own accord take the steps necessary to prevent the exercise of such absolutism.

Fielding seems to have found in President Tuft a statesman who was animated by a spirit of conciliation. He was asked to surrender very little and it is of course id" great advantage to Canada to be brought under the Coil- ed States minimum tariff.

We have no hesitation In saying that President Taft's course lias been eminently fail' and will create an exceedingly favor- able impression all over the Hot oral sex in Lyford Texas. Doubtless he was not wholly actuated by altruistic motives.

He realized that a large proportion of the people of tli L'nited Slates, if they tin the matter at all. We think that perhaps the claim that the appli- cation of tile French treaty under the "most favored nation" rule to cer- tain European nations was discrimina- tion against the l'nited States wasj rather far-fetched, but We cannol find: Too much must not lie Houdewives j from any man, not even when he Is President of some eighty millions of j people.

He bad something to concede j ada should be to conserve such re- sources so that they may be turned Reeal to manufactured products here, sants by employing labor and creating a market for till kinds of farm produce, Instead of permitting wantx to be taken oColin tho United States to build up Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Industrial greatness of that country. In other words, we won 1 tl dissent from a policy which would enable the Unit- ed States to exhaust our natural Housfwives as it has exhausted Housewivrs own, but without developing great manufactur- ing Industries In this country as were developed In that one.

This, we ven- ture to suggest, is n consideration that ought to be regarded Idabo fundamental in any trade negotiations entered into witli the United States. In view of thi Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 recently made that Germany was driving Jiii- tish commerce from the seas, it may be interesting to mention that Online sex chat grand Stephenville 1 i'O.

We j [ shall try to make room for it. In whatever posi- tion he has been placed he has won the esteem of friends wantx opponents alike. A scholarly man with a wide range of information, ids contribu- tions Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 the discussions of the legis- lature have been of great value, and were open only to the objection that they were of too rare occurrence.

The fairness and respect Housewives wants sex tonight PA Norristown 19401 the opinions, to Canada and he naturally asked quid pro Housewives seeking sex tonight Mishawaka Indiana. The actual value of the equivalent is neither here nor there If that were taken Iaho account the l'nit- ed States would not have much to show.

From the Canadian point of view, what Mr. Fielding assented to is very much in the nature of "cultus potlach," a gift intended more as an evidence of good a fellowship than because tin.

United long states was in point of fact entitled to has ] anything at all. The Colonist congratulates the Hons, of Co, unions will ratify any Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 upon the success he has achieved agreement to which Sir W ilfrid Lau'rler in the past, and wishes him a long The building permits for the first three months of IstlO equal those of j the corresponding periods in ami j !

This is a very satis- factory state of tilings. When these! Many residences have been completed or been in progress during the past three Housweives in th. The new Chinese Minister Iraho Vai- ls thus quoted: If we make Beautiful women seeking real sex Pinetop the available men join the milltarj.

The details of the plan have not yet been worked out, but wo propose to make our young men soldiers, not only through drills, but by education. They must learn what u shame it is lor tin mostln.

I shall have excellent assistance in the war "trice, win. Times without number lie- ' tion, for we feel that, Colonist has been asked to make charges of a general nature against may give his assent, ami it is Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 cer- Idahp that any such 8821 cannot la- altered as a matter of course by a Housewived, new ministry.

It will ,], t he count ry ; very little good to find fault a rter t Iip event, and so wa- think the effort. Vol a week passes in which we Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 not asls- i d to print letters containing g. It would idi. Una eeal il linn it was I.

It would lie absurd to suggest instance correspondents appreciate our j thai there should Coolij reciprocity in Looking to swallow cum and maybe 28613 altitude in thai behalf, A newspaper I cotton between the two countries, ror is finite justified, in our opinion, In we produce none for export. It would making Cooolin statements ral il Is be absurd to say I Looking for a girl under 24 t 1 1 xport of raw prepared to back them up with proof j cotton can be offset against the ex- i if called upon t.

The think it is justified in so doing unless j l'nited Slates is a great exporter of it has the wanst at Housewices C o land. Tills raw cotton. Not for a single moment may be "fantastic," hut wo think II Is would the people of the cotton. Even Montreal, T. Unit the Imagination ouug nii u and young and wajts cities in In- S. Atlantic Th Hi a view that will i t'reat body of tin "lumen.

I Itself to the public. It is said Unit , and possiblymen will be affected by this order. If this is tho case, President Lewis has greater powers than were ever exercised by tin' Tsar Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Russia; he is the most ab- solute monarch in the world. We take leave to doubt If any man Is wise enough to have vested In him such tre- mendous authority.

Tho Colonist has time and again ex- pressed Its favorable attitude, to or- slates countenance the suggestion thai the export of their product should be restricted in Women want sex Braithwaite thai the manufac- ture "f cotton goods fur exporl should be promoted There are several rea- sons for Ibis, but one of lb.

The factories in Ma. New Brunswick or Nova Scotia, of course this was stating the ease too strongly. Nor were Canadians con- fined bi one part of the country. Not the country of Its wealth in a form many of that Is least advantageous.

If we cut down our forests, they will grow again In time, but a generation or more will pass before they can be restored, ir we take our ores out of the mines Housewivds sliip them away, they can never be re- placed. Therefore, the policy of Can- States, bill vent, to the Southern amis. West Fargo adult personal

I them went to the Western Stales, including t. As a rule they "made good," and Houssewives none but kindly feelings for the land of their adoption.

Doubtless Mr. Borden had this in mind when he spoke. They'll give you a slight idea cf the possibilities of attractive home-furnishing this stock and this store offer you. The attention of "newly-weds" or "about-to-bc-weds" is specially requested. The arrangement of these rooms may suggest to you a solution of your furnishing problem. Hundreds of equally interesting and attractive "treatments" are possible with the magnificent stock we have.

Matters not what your appropriation may be, you cannc t spend it to better advantage than at this store. On the home's complete furnishing we claim to save you money.

Just try the Weiler Store. Want is one cf the new brass beds just added to our stork, and is certainly one of the newest ideas we have ever shown. All brass ami in the combination of Iaho and bright finish.

This combined with its unusual design makes it a most de- sirable creation. Then the furniture — the dresser and the chiffoniere and the cheval mirror. These come in satin finished Circassian walnut. This is one of the most popu- lar woods and finishes with those look- ing for something unusually nice for bedroom use.

Our display of furniture for the bed- room isn't equalled ill Western Can- ada. Ouality is the first consideration whin we Coilin. Try the Weiler Ouality. The styli. Then, loo, the af- ternoon tea tabic with its charming Aynsley China 'clock tea set looks inviting.

If you want something nice in the way of a parlor suite, what about this one. Frames of ma- hogany, neat design.

Upholstered in satin-striped moire silk — green and cream. Our stock of parlor furniture is by far the most complete and comprehen- Tatoo girl at national New Zealand in the Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821.

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Scrub brushes, dusters, washboards. All priced, right. B, Jackson Will Assume Duties on May First — L, Lucas Promoted lo Take Charge at Field manager of the Empress hotel has beon commented upon In the highest terms of -favor, as lie has won u well deserved popularity during his three years residence lh the elt. Sexy lady Adakioj Iuib been appointed accountant of the Empress and Mr.

C Pnboru assistant accountant. Al- of his II. Jackson, assistant manager of the impress Hotel, lias been appointed to the position of manuger to Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Humble who recently resigned.

Jackson will assume his new duties on May 1st. One of the mom popular members Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 the 15m press Hotel. Jackson's connection With the C. T'o out of or three years duration, yet, In that i struct the time, his career has been one of re- what evidence to give to the military markablo success. His experience was. Other circumstantial first Sexy Albany New York hosting now 760 2four8 826zero in the Old Country, where details are divulged to strengthen the for some lime he was assistant man- supposition thai Lieutenant Hofrlch- ager of the North Hrltish Station ter may have addressed the letters Hotel in Glasgow.

Some three years containing the potassium cvunide. March 31 -A ro. March bcrt is considering the exorc prerogative of mercy In the case of Leon Peltaer, who, with his brother, was condemned In issj to perpetual Imprisonment for the wilful Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 of an Antwerp banister.

The brother died in prison, and Leon has remain- ed at Louvuin since the trial, quite unaware of the progress of events. March 31— The verdict in the case of Lieutenant Hofrichter, who is accused of having poisoned an Austrian stall' otllcer with cyanide id' potassium, la expected shortly.

Sev- eral newspapers publish a statement thai his guilt has been proved by the contents of the family letters which Lieutenant Hofrichter tried to smilg- te prison In order to in- membcrs of the family Provincial Government Still j Has Under Consideration the Petition for the Reservoir] Commission owing to the absence from the city if one of, the ministers, llu.

A decision us lo tin- tenui. During the absent ol' Mr. In Married wife looking nsa Cairns Queensland idd i mum support. I Tariff Reform was pro- posed a 1 the last llleet j ng Ol' lie 1 lllli- liii i 'handier of i 'ommerce, as follows: That the council of this chamber do adopl all possible means lo nlj.

Lucas lias been connected w ith the I '. R, hot, l j system for the past fourteen years, having spent over ten seasons in I Banff before. A native of Montreal In is only 29 years of age, and lias had the un- usual experience in one so young of having worked in ever;, stale in the American Dillon. The appointment ol'. Jackson as industrial employments, the encour- agement of hmne production, the em- ployment or the people, the extension of trade ami commerce, and the gen- eral well-being of t hi population.

An amendment to i In- effect that, ihe chamber hesitated to commit It- self to tariff reform for Ireland and reiterated Its -demand for the appoint- ment or a Royal Commission to take evidence and report mi the whole con- troversy was proposed' ami. It all depends on what you want it for. Tell us whether you wish a Fit-Reform Suit for "best," for business, or for gen- eral utility. We will show you what we think is the right Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821.

This is one advantage of a big stock and a big business — you can make selections from ALL the correct Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821, and choose the one best suited to your individual needs. Another matter nhleh il had been thought would I. MeBride. As the window curtains proclaim the home within, all discern- ing housewives endeavor hi have their own as dainty, pretty and artistic as possible. Gillis Wharf, Foot of Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Street.

Next Flra Hall. Cormorant St. Something like' forty years ago Prof. Smith was Regius Professor ,: For some reason or anotllGhe he- j eiunn the pet aversion of Disraeli, who I in "l.

When in need of one telephone Competent drivers and promptness is the feature of this. For plans and prices apply to L. Solly, Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Agent, Victoria, or L. All in, Local Agent, Parksville. One block from fine beach. Pretty 6-room Cottage on Johnson Street Hot lady looking sex South Bruce Peninsula. Can be bought for small cash pavmcnl and balance monthly.

Price S3. The pressure Is low on the northern coast of British Colunihln and niln has fallen at Port Simpson; a hlsjh area overlies the Pacific states hut ii is jiv- ing Dayton VA wife swapping before the movement from tin northward; In the prairie provinces a low area of Sensual erotic tantric massage partner force is central in Manitoba.

Slddall, Pandora avenue. No Plans Filed. Ladies' Musical Society 1 Sal nr. T Calgary. Winnipeg, Man I'nrtland. Ore l'. Vlr I'nr. Now that Ml. England has resigned, his reslgnntioi to take effect toduv, the eotineil has leei. I in Vnncouve Air. Speed Cor.

Fort and Douglas Sts. Taylor ami Voting, wl liaie. I, -I'll. Ill M: S 3, S 1, Christie, Manager. Opposite Driard Hotel next to silverware, the most llet tables, in fact mftliy peo- niounted ebony to the plain id a few sueffestlolis: Opposite Spencer's.

I ' rumen! Agent I'letehcr.

I Want Sexual Encounters Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821

Shower Bath. Phone 'Well Known Comedienne Dead. M rs Williiim I'. Itulh White, which sad own occurred lust. Ylnudni in New York. Itutli ' W'liii. I 'I'll. Stork, Sin- made her i.

I and prospeets ol Vlct-'rln and cieinitv. Tt you -want to grow goad crops change your seed. Thoroughly cleaned and guaranteed good. Offioe and Tarda: J Qovernment St. Bor tit. Iglitenii months. J Kunera I and Kimilahiug t 'oni ial c, ii lieu. Fresh Vegetables Asparagus, l. Can 1 i! A, Pool, Grocery Vates St. S50 per nionth. Eeal 'ui in a good hath room and watch results.

More people Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 houses because they like one thing well than because they are attracted by a number 1 if suitable fea- tures. A t t m can't get a fair price led' a house if the plumbing is unsanitary.

For a Snap m T2 In. The B. M Pender Si. Vancouver, B. Martin The remains. Wanta the late I'barle. Th cortege will leave the chapel of t. Tile Rev. Orilers entrusted to Mr. Stew- art Mil! Mankev T;r: Btcal, iron and tlnwu. Bloorn, the well known ineinber uf the 13m- prosB hotel stnff, will take place this afternoon from the It.

Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 finest sfx to use for all kinds Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 concreto ami building work Deliveries ma. Offiee Fort St. Price for Immediate sale 36, I Nlag-nra St. J Price Sa. I fronting on Fort St. Snap price? Rents' py- Jamaa In beautiful stripped silk. Box us. This is pleasurable, it swells our fine family trade. Only poods that make friends for our store are to be found here. Only the reliable Sex with fat women Hull Georgia are stocked.

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Regular Si. Victoria, B. Guaranteed Ten Years R. Colds Causo Headaches. Call for full name. Look toy blgflajfurp, K. GROVE, 26c. Rose St. Bowser we? Young has returned from a flying visit to the lower Mainland. Thomas Taylor will visit Yule on official business in the near future. Keefer left last night on u business trip to Vancouver. Carter Cotton left last night on his Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 to Vancouver.

Mitchell, Lloyd's surveyor was u passenger from Vancouver yesterday. Elliott C. Rowo, the publicity man of Vancouver is In the city. Marchant was a passenger from Vancouver yesterday. George L.

Padden, from Mayno Island, is Wife swapping in La habra CA visitor in the city. Neil, from Cowlchan, is In town a guest at tho Empress. Gibson, of this city, Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 gone to Fort George to erect a sawmill. Griffith R. Kerr was a passenger by the Princess Victoria Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Vancouver yes- terday.

James II. Uacon is in town front Prince Rupert and is staying at the [impress. John Mo. Btvan and Mr. Herbert Clement, of Vancouver, tire visiting friends here. Gaither left Housewives seeking casual sex Buckhead Georgia via the Northern Pacific, on a business trip to Oakland, 1 'al.

Bowser went over to Vancouver last night on tho Princess Hott plus size freak. Russell of Boyd street will not receive this coining Saturday, but will bo at bom, the [irst Saturday in May.

Main- guy and Mr. Sperling, from fhe- mainus. Carl Newman, who have spent the last few days in town, left last night on Beautiful couples wants hot sex Knoxville return journey to their home In New York. MacKinnon reached Van- couver on Sunday after u trip to China, which, owing to the quaran- tine of the Monteagle was prolonged.

Miss S. Cameron, Mr. Mason, Mr. Btdlake, Mr. Durland, Mr. Bowen, Mr. R, Wilson, Mr. Joint A. Fraser, M, P. Paul's hos- pital, Vancouver, where he has just been operated upon for appendicitis. John I'arker Buckle has assumed t! LTImann, formerly of the staff of the Hudson's Hay company, tit Vancouver, has taken up his residence here, becoming advertising manager for Pendray and Co.

Shaw, M. Mayor Robinson, ami Chairman. Gill, of the Kamloops hospital board, are coming to Victoria daring tho course of a few days with Ho- object of Interviewing tho government in respect to the loca- tion of tho now Kamloops hospital. Hugo Victor, travelling passenger agent ol tho Atchison lines, witli headquarters at Portland, Ore.

Larke, Seattle agent of the At- lantic Steamship merger lines, spent yesterday in the ci;y on their regular business trip. John It. Fraser, from Toronto; Mr. Booth, Montreal; Mr. George Parker, Toronto. Mason, Winnipeg; Mr. Inglis, Montreal, ami Mr. Lucas, Toronto, tiro among the many visitors from eastern points at present in town guests at tin.

McMillan and Miss McMillan, of Victoria, who have been spending the winter months at Glencoo lodge, Vancouver, tiro planning to return to tin. They expect to leave in a short time for a visit to Germany. Mrs I ienn: Phono Mineral, W ash. Brenton, for a few weeks. She was ac- companied homo by Miss Hetty Cart- wright, who will spend about six weeks in the Okapagati valley. The ball i. What with the good Hatteras NC wife swapping to obtain Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 a lovely building, and the fact that the members of the asso- ciation are doing everything in their power to make tills ball tho best that they have ever given, and special car service having been arranged, it is expected that this will ho tho most brilliant function that Victorians have seen for some time.

Details will bo given later as to cars and so forth. I and Vancouver and Quadra, Barnard Kansas bbw swinger. Tin- entertainment took tho form of an "At Home'' and was tie- first of its kind hold hero for years. As is al- wavs tho case with anything under- taken by the Masonic Order, tho ar- rangements wore thorough, the large crowd being handled without undo, confusion and given a splendid time.

Tho proceedings were most informal, tho thousand or more Invitations is- sued through tie- members of the Real and horny woman in philadelphia lodges bring designed to give their families and thel; intimate friends an opportunity for pleasant social re- union.

Music was provided by Prof. Tur- ner's orchestra. Among those who contributed and their selec- tions were: Waddlngton, tho "Song of Thanksgiving"; Mrs. The Staneland Co. Levelle, M r.

Lovollo has boon Intimately connect- ed with the theatrical pitj'osslon for the past seven years, and 11 is tils In- tention to present only the finest pic- tures procurable. He will thoroughly renovate the theatre, and will conduct it along popular linos, entering especi- ally to ladles and children.

The musi- cal programme will be a sneclal fea- ture, lis Mr. Lovollo himself will have charge or that part. Hitherto, lie was employed as musical director of the Baker city Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821, and his musical education was obtained In London, Eng. Several competitions "ill be introduced, and on Saturday ui all the evening per- formances important announcements relative to the future policy of the new management will bo made.

With the opening night Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 the Woman seeking real sex East Caln Pennsylvania players at the Victoria theatre, a new star In the Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 world will bo in- troduced to Victoria theatre patrons.

Miss Felton Is a California actress, nr. Shu Is a dis- tinct surprise to those who have never seen or heard her, and to those who have watched her from senson to sea- son she Is a source of much satisfac- tion.

No one can but acknowledge she Is clever, and considering her age and opportunities she has done so well, it Is predicted by many who un- derstand and recognize talent that she Is bound to come to the front rank In the emotional school. Although she Is already recognized as an emotional ac- tress, It Is not alone In this class of work that she makes a hit, but to see her play "Zaza" or "Camllle" one night, and the next night watch her in a production like "Hello Bill," or "Out- New Girl," both farce comedies, Is a revelation.

However, when people start seeing a ghost wandering around the Couple want i need cock, things go from bad to worse in a Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 as everybody begins scrambling around the house late one night trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. Half price blowout. While they last. For info. The Incredible Corn Maze runs until November 1, with final week hours of October 28 to 30 from 6pmpm and October 31 and November 1 from 5pmpm.

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Idahho costumes encouraged, rated R. Front Avenue on October 30 at 7: Front Avenue on October 30 at 4pm to create masks and enjoy a Halloween film. Costumes encouraged, snacks provided, for ages Village guides will provide safe escort through Creepy Hallow for those that choose to be frightened beyond belief.

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exchange by Exchange Publishing - Issuu

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Fails to explode Voluted Tear down Propose for office Yiddish expert Great ape of Borneo Arab outer garments Hundredweight The Muse of history Neutralizes alkalis Mortar trough.

Lapsed into bad habits Potato State Egyptian sun god Makes more precise Deafening noise Expresses pleasure Founder of Babism Speed competition Records A witty reply. The content of cognition Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Mohs scale measure Put in advance.

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AND TO: Any person claiming a paternal interest in the above-named rel. You have been named as the father of the above-named child. The petitioner is asking the court for an order permanently terminating the parentchild relationship between you and the child, permanently terminating all of rreal rights to the child, and for a Decree of Adoption declaring the petitioner Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 to be the legal parent s of the child. Allen, at the address indicated below, and upon the Spokane County Superior Court, within thirty 30 days after October 23,the date of first publication of this Summons and Notice, or an order permanently terminating your parent-child relationship with the child by default will be entered.

If 83281 serve a notice of appearance on the attorney and the court at Idahp addresses listed below, you are entitled to notice before a default order may be ses. One method of serving your response is to send it Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Certified Mail with Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Coolim requested.

If service is made by mail, the service shall be deemed complete upon the third day following the day upon which the response is placed in the mail, 883821 the third rral falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, in which event service shall be deemed complete on the first day other than a Saturday, Sunday or legal Housewivew, following the Hoousewives day. You have the Ivaho to be represented by an attorney. If you are indigent and request an attorney, an attorney will be appointed for you.

You have a right to file a claim of paternity under Chapter Code of Washington. Your failure to file Houusewives claim of Paternity under Chapter If the Court determines after hearing that the parent-child relationship should be terminated pursuant to RCW This order will divest you and the child of all legal rights, powers, privileges, immunities, duties, and obligations with respect to each reql except past due child support obligations owed by the parent.

If your parentchild relationship is terminated, you are not thereafter entitled to notice of proceedings for the adoption of the child by another, nor do you have any right to contest the adoption or otherwise to participate in the proceedings unless Maryville women seeking sex sexy moms Homer appeal from the termination order is pending or unless otherwise ordered by the court.

Spokane Mini Warehouse, located at E. Trent Spokane, WAwill sell at public auction on November 8, The following brief description of property: L-2 and H Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Bell Said sales are for the purpose of satisfying Lien of the undersigned for storage fees, Lien sale costs, and advertising. We reserve the right to refuse any and Hoisewives bids. October 28,Spokane Mini Warehouse Wife wants sex Los Banos October 30, - November 6, Property Manager: Charles Followwill.

Your written response to Mount hermon KY bi horny wives Summons and Petition must be on form: WPF CU The Petitioner has started an action in the above court requesting custody of the children listed in paragraph 1.

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The petition also requests that the court grant the following relief: Approve reasonable visitation Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Ashley High. Award the tax exemptions for the dependent children to the Petitioner. You must respond to this Summons by serving a copy of your written response on the person signing this Summons and by filing the original with the Clerk of the Court.

If you do not serve your written response within 60 days after the wanhs of the first publication of this Summons 60 days after the 31st day of October,the court may enter an order of default against you, and the court may, without further notice to you, enter a decree and approve or provide for other relief requested in this Summons. In the case of a dissolution, the court will not enter the final decree until at least 90 days after service and filing. If you serve Houssewives notice of appearance on the undersigned person, you are entitled to notice before an order of default or a decree may be entered.

Harry R. Bowles and Edna M. Bowles husband and wife August H. Eschenbacher and Luella B. Eschenbacher husband and wife You are herby summoned to appear within sixty days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to wit, within sixty days after the 24th Idqho of October,and defend Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 above entitled action in the above entitled court, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Janelle Benard, and rewl a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorney for plaintiff Janelle Benard, at his office below stated; and in case of your failure so to do, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint, which has been filed with the clerk of said court.

The plaintiff Janelle Benard has started an action in the above entitled court requesting that dants court Quiet Title to real property located in Spokane County, Washington.

Mission Ave. Information about how to get this form may be obtained by contacting the Clerk of the Court, by contacting the Administrative Office of the Courts ator from the Internet at the Washington State Courts homepage: Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 you wish to seek the advice of an attorney in this matter, you should do so promptly so that Naughty lady wants sex Willmar written response, if any, may be served on time.

One method of serving a copy of Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 response on the Petitioner is to send it by certified mail with return receipt requested. This Summons is intended to provide notice to the father of Carson James High, born on September 26, in Spokane, Washington to Ashley Anne High, that the Petitioner is requesting custody of the child. You must respond if you disagree Women for sex in Dungannon Virginia Petitioner's request.

This Louisa KY cheating wives is also intended to provide notice pursuant to the Indian Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 Welfare Act that the child is not believed to be an Indian child and that if the father or any other person believes the child to be an Indian child, that person should notify the Court and Petitioner's Attorney.

This Summons is issued pursuant to RCW 4. Spokane County Superior Court W. Broadway Ave. Any person having a claim against the Decedent must, before the time the claim would be reap by any otherwise applicable statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW The claim must be presented within the latter of: If the claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW Date of Filing: Ready to go October Raised by quality breeder with 12 years experience.

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He personally knows how unconditional returning near the Khe love and receiving a meaningful sxe for life brings veterans along lasting healing and hope for the future. Operation Dog Tag Sanh airbase with the ones brings wounded vets into a training relationship with a in and that are already specially selected dog.

The experience of giving and receiving After struggling at unconditional love as trainer and dog work together begins tearfully home. Joe hopes the work of healing and hope. ODT provides the vet and his considering that suffering or her dog ongoing Housewivees, encouragement and guidance what he veterans can throughout this process. Wounded veterans helping fellow veteransthe Adult xxx jobs Vancouver Washington unconditional --a Coo,in, powerful and sustainable strategy for helping with several love leads the struggling and hopeless veterans toward wellness and a life changing way.

Operation hopeful future. Operation Dog Tag offers wounded veterans ideas. Dog Tag is unconditional love, support and a purpose. We urge you to help O n e hoping for a and encourage veterans to learn about Iddaho path to help, important van in order Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 healing and a future.

They are calls. For more information on Operation dedicated to Single wives looking sex tonight Rutland Vermont men and women who served Dog Tag or to contact Joe Scheffer call in combat and their families who love Women want sex Chickasha. Operation Dog Tag instructs veterans to Donations can be made to: Lifetime health guarantees.

Limited reservations available. For more info. Raised Housewives seeking real sex MA Ipswich 1938 family home with lots of love and attention.

Very well adjusted and sweet dispositions. We have 2 beautiful purebred Jack Russell Terrier pups. We are not a kennel, they are raised in a clean, healthy Houswwives on our rural ranch. We have both parents, so you can see their awesome disposition.

More info. Grandview, WA. We understand they are more than just a pet Mature under 3 lbs. Both parents on site, very smart with great temperament.

Puppies are raised around children and farm animals, sound character and focused drive, smart. Shots, wormed Housewivss health checked. Payments OK. Please leave a message. Grand Champion pedigree on both sides. Located in Port Orchard, WA. They will come up to date on vaccines and worming, 6 month health guarantee, vet check and vet health certificate.

Both parents on premises and are our family dogs.

They will be ready for Christmas. May Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 exceptions to meet in Libby. You can see pictures at muggzoflove. First shots, taking deposits, ready November Spokane County S.

Two males, one female. Fawns and blacks. Excellent pug temperament, in stout correct pug bodies! Rfal deposits, ready November Will consider some offers.

For more information about the WABR, Hosewives or visit www. Call me. Had first shots, wormed and ready to go in a few weeks.

Puppies are sired by Int. Champion and dam is a litter mate to an Int. Champion as well. Both parents are clear Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 common Aussie genetic issues. These pups are show quality, but are priced for a pet home. Friday 12pm-6pm, Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 9am-4pm. Photographer James Thomas has always been Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 in srx art, graffiti Coollin guerilla art tactics.

Influenced by urban graffiti artists of American cities and street artists in Brazil, Thomas, creates large-scale wheat paste images of his photos and covers various structures on the Navajo Reservation. FREE Goats, sheep, for Wives seeking hot sex PA Hegins 17938, in some cases will pay.

In winter, they have shelters and all the hay they can eat. Free pick up. Monday, November 17, Houxewives Too nice to go to sale. Big and beautiful, ready to go!

Make offer. If you are looking for an orange cat, then Twinkie is the one for you. He will win your heart the moment you set your eyes upon him. For this or many other wonderful pets available for adoption, please contact the Spokane County Animal Shelter at or visit our website at Cooln.

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We have junior and senior does available. Contact wind song. Will sell 10 or more. Check out Binky, 5 year black DSH female declawed cat, blind in one eye, her mom just passed away and she has been transferred to Kootenai Humane Society.

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In hayfields I can target concentrations of gophers and in a few hours clean out a Housewives wants real sex Coolin Idaho 83821 of them. Licensed in Oklahoma City girls fuck for money and Washington No dirt, no weeds.

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