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Do you need to install MGEScan?

See here for Installation. Follow the instructions except the Galaxy.

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It is possible to install MGEScan on userspace without root permission. Please follow the instructions below. Create your virtualenv and activate it like:.

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Once your virtualenv is activated, you will see mgescan label in your prompt. Try mgescan -h on your terminal:. If your system supports a MPI program, you can use --mpi Id with a number of processes.

Use half number of your cores. The input can be a single file with a single sequence or multiple sequences.

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For example, if you run the program for D. Upon the succeessful completion of MGEScan program, several output files are stored in the destination directory fI you specified with --output parameter.

It includes plain text and gff3 files. The columns for LTR retrotransposons are as follows.

Sample output of ltr. MGEScan latest. Create your virtualenv and activate it like: It consist of two components, sequence file name and id in the file.

Read the Docs v: