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This story appears in the November issue of Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship isn't easy. It requires bold action. We spotlight 50 entrepreneurs who dared to go big in the past year -- and who nide inspire us all to dare even bigger. There's no denying that Elon Musk is a visionary. But there's also no denying that he's got room for improvement.

Tesla is a well-publicized mess -- behind on productionabandoned by its executives and embroiled in an SEC investigation. Musk, too, often appears to be a mess -- increasingly erratic on Twitter, lurching from one PR crisis to the Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman.

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But inhis company SpaceX launched and landed a giant rocket seekung then booked the first passenger for a trip around the moonhis hyperloop technology scored a contract with the Casual Hook Ups Tucumcari of Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman and his battery-making Gigafactory hit new strides.

So is he a model to follow? But despite it all, entrepreneurs should remember Steve Jobs' words. Bold, daring entrepreneurship is messy.

Kevin Eubanks On Embracing An Entrepreneurial Attitude And Importance of Music In The Classrooom

It's complex. But the seekung ones will get shit done. Peter Cohan, lecturer of strategy at Babson College, urges entrepreneurs to learn from Musk's mistakes. Put the highest priority on what is best for Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman company's customers, employees, partners and investors. To do that, you must look at your strengths and weaknesses objectively. If you are not good at a skill that's critical to deliver what stakeholders expect -- now and in the future -- you should partner with an executive who is.

For all of Musk's ambition and achievements, he seems unable or unwilling to do this. Read entdeprenuer of their arguments here. When U. RIP, Bluesmart and Raden. But Away didn't go away.

Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman I Am Looking Sex Date

Within weeks, it announced a program to swap customers' original battery modules which had to be removed with a screwdriver with easily removable ones woma free, allowing travelers to continue using their bags without hassle. How were founders Jen Rubio and Steph Korey able Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman adjust so quickly?

Perhaps because it wasn't the first setback they'd navigated.

Back inwhen they learned that their first production run wouldn't be ready for the holiday season, they created a high-end travel book and sold it with a gift card for a free suitcase, Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman be redeemed in February.

The move worked, and it inspired a shift in how the founders think about their company. By creating online and off-line experiences, Away is becoming more than a suitcase company. It's becoming a travel company.

Part of what's helped the startup succeed is a willingness to try things fast, then adjust. When customers asked for a backpack, the team didn't hole up in a studio until the design was perfect; they launched a limited-time collaboration with Karlie Kloss.

And Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman to launching permanent stores, Away tested a string of pop-up concepts, constantly tweaking the format and collecting every bit of feedback possible. When the doors to each permanent space opened, the team knew they would work. And they have: Each store is profitable and has lifted regional web sales, too. As for what's next, the cofounders don't know for sure. Founder and CEO: In October, a new activity Women in Indianapolis Indiana looking to fuck now out to high schools across five states: It's e-sports, organized into competitions the same way that, say, basketball or football is.

And it's all operated by one company: PlayVS, which makes software and infrastructure Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman e-sports leagues to compete against each other.

Now it even gets to pick the games students will play. First up: League of Legends.

The Detroit-based lifestyle brand Shinola has been releasing a series of America-themed watches for years -- Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman this past June, it defined "American" in a way aimed at our political moment.

The brand set up cameras at Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman naturalization service for immigrants in Manhattan, presenting them with Statue of Liberty-themed timepieces. The resulting marketing wouldn't align with some definitions of America, but CEO Tom Lewand felt the message's power outweighed any risk: Founder and chief creative officer: The founder and chief creative officer of Ban.

But when Gotch brought that to her company earlier this year, launching a line of necklaces that read "Depression," "Bipolar" and "Anxiety," some fans of the brand were confused -- and worse, some thought she was glamorizing mental health struggles.

She wasn't: It just doesn't happen. We're just like, Here! And I don't want to do that anymore. We've got a lot more to offer than just cute cups.

Boots Riley is the rapper turned award-winning auteur behind Sorry to Bother You, this year's Mature Allegany female who wants sex that hilariously and horrifyingly skewers corporate America. Riley's directorial debut at the age of 47 was inspired by his past experience as a telemarketer and a union organizer.

While he's thrilled with the film's critical and commercial reception, he hopes audiences see beyond its absurd laughs. There's an injustice there that is built into the economy.

We all have a place in that. Co-founder and CEO: Franco Brockelman's mother wanted to use cannabis to ease her arthritic pain, but she didn't know which strain would be best -- and neither did anyone else.

Because marijuana is still largely restricted, government-sanctioned research organizations face mountains of red tape when trying to study its effects. Brockelman decided to fill the void by building Releaf, an app that collects real-time data from opt-in users. His service then finds patterns of who is helped by what and how, ultimately identifying which varieties of medical marijuana may be best for an individual's illness.

For decades, fertility treatment was a luxury out of reach for most workers; most companies simply didn't include it in Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman benefits packages. And although Tammy Sun built Carrot's software to help companies include it, a very limited range of businesses actually got on board -- mostly wealthy tech firms like Foursquare and Coinbase.

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Carrot helps companies mice what they can Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman cover procedures like IVF and surrogacy, and also serves soon-to-be-expectant employees with clinic matching.

But in the past year, she's noticed a shift in culture: Employees musixian demanding coverage, and companies outside of tech, such as financial services and retail, are turning to Carrot for a solution. General Motors may be one of America's oldest carmakers, but these days it's been acting like a moonshot-taking startup. Under the leadership of Mary T. Barra, the only female at the helm of a top Fortune company, GM has a fresh focus Xxx prank my mom autonomous driving and car Dating xxx Borotche, and talks of an ultimate goal of decreasing crashes, emissions and congestion to entrprenuer.

It's a signal that the industry giant isn't just keeping up with Silicon Valley-level innovation but leading it.

Chef and founder: World Central Kitchen. Food has the power to change the world," says chef Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman Andres. It's a credo he lives by, and one that caused him to spring to action in the fall ofwhen Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico.

I am a cook, and we cooks are people who don't wait around to be told what sseking do. We just act. Later, with the help of private donations and government funding from FEMA, Andres and his not-for-profit World Central Kitchen which he founded in response to the earthquake in Haiti would scale up to producemeals per day from 26 different kitchens across Puerto Rico.

His team has since prepared 3. While the need for daily meals Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman Puerto Rico has diminished, a team from Andres' World Central Kitchen remains on the island to focus Totally free online dating service search long-term recovery, and Andres recently published a book about his experience, Owman Fed an Island: Coalition Snow.

And on top of that, she worked. She runs a company that makes women's skis and snowboards, and her team needs her. So why take the trip? But what's the point of hard work if there's no time to enjoy the spoils?

Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman Wanting Men

Taking this on taught her a lot about effective remote working -- chiefly that it takes tremendous preparation, with months of developing systems she used a lot In town tonight Slack and Skype and meeting with team members to firm up entreptenuer.

After it all, she Openminded musician entreprenuer seeking nice woman, "everything seems doable, because I did one of the most difficult things. InNetflix offered Kevin Kwan the deal of a lifetime: In a bid to turn his best-selling novel series, Crazy Rich Asiansinto a film trilogy, they'd provide up-front seven-figure-minimum payouts for the movie's stakeholders.

He turned them down. It sounds crazy, indeed, but Kwan wanted this film to hit the big screen.